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NEW RAGE PROJECT - Totenlieder 2-CD

2-CD in digipack / Edition Roter Drache

In summer 2000 the avant-garde performance group NEW rAGE PROJECT was founded with Dark Shaman, Invina and Romero E. Sotes as its founding members in Dortmund / Germany. Several gigs on smaller and larger festivals followed plus a performance at the former Dortmunder Thier brewery which gained cult status.

Following the NrP recorded their still available audio CD „Wächter des Feuers" (Guardian of the Fire) which represents the translation of the Enochian calls into a musical version. This was remittance work and will be published by Deggial Records in 2009. After finishing this work the founding members separated with friendly feelings towards each other and Romero E Sotes carried on solo with changing artists for his projects.

The audio CD "Abrash" followed together with the practice manual "Abrash" published by the Arun-Verlag plus "Die Dunkelheit enthüllen" (Embracing the Dark), an audio CD that was published together with the same named anthology. In October 2007 the new CD "Totenlieder" (Songs for the Dead) is published by Deggial Records. Deggial Records is a division of the Edition Roter Drache. Stilistically, the NEW rAGE PROJECT goes poaching in a vast range of very different gardens.

Already in August 2005 the NEW rAGE PROJECT started its recording of the Songs for the Dead with gloomy sound collages upon which the texts unfold by spoken words. The title "Songs for the Dead" suggests associations with songs from Southern countries, that are being sung on funerals intended to accompany the deceased on their last journey. However, in the case of the NEW rAGE PROJECT this is not the intention. For the Songs of the Dead the NEW rAGE PROJECT has collected poems of famous writers like Christian Morgenstern, Hermann Hesse, Friedrich Nietzsche, Heinrich Heine etc and set them to music in their unique style. The music used ranges from classical and acoustical music to Rock, Neofolk and even to Industrial.

Not even Techno beats are off limits, but mainly the music can be described as Neofolk. All songs have in common, that they tell the listeners about journeys - journeys through mists, on the Styx, the river of the Dead, or on the journey of life, in which every one of us is currently involved. The second creative phase consists of simple often gravely sad songs, that were recorded in 2006 partly in various churches. These songs remind by their structure and their simple melodic lines distantly of lullaby songs.

However, the texts deal with the theme of death approaching unstoppably. In its third phase which ended in January 2007 driving percussion instruments and contorted guitars found their way into the bigger picture. These new stylistic elements blur the imposing associations of the title Songs for the Dead suggesting sadness and sorrow about the loss of a beloved person and opens the gates for crying rage about the death of the peoples. Despite its musical variety the compilation of the Songs for the Dead shows at no point signs of arbitrariness. The thematic axis is death, around which the most diverse sound walls and musical surfaces revolve, just like it is in real life. The music of the NEW rAGE PROJECT is at every moment genuine.

Genuine anger, genuine sorrow and sometimes even some genuine scathing irony creeps into the songs. Songs for the Dead is despite some clandestine catchy tunes in its totality a somewhat unwieldy and always quite challenging album, that suits our times and age - an age that has not only buried its dead but also its belief, its ideals and sometimes even all its hope. Nevertheless, there is one thing that stays visible within every soundscape and every text: the spark of light within darkness.

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Totenlieder 9783939459064
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