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Natural Sandalwood (6 grams) - Charcoal Type Stick Incense - Incense from India

Author: Incense from India

Some of the best sandalwood oils gointo making this incense; for connoisseurs.

SANDALWOOD is considered sacred in India and is extremely popular because of its spiritually uplifting qualities. Sandalwood is ruled by Uranus and is frequently used by individuals desiring to recollect past lifetimes. Moat commonly, the essence is burned during prayer and meditation.

CHARCOAL is integral in the manufacturing of an unscented blank (non-perfumed stick) which is then dipped into a mixture of perfumes and/or oils.

These blanks usually contain "spent" sandalwood powder, a binding sticky resin that hold the sticks coating together, wood charcoal and sometimes other substances.

Most charcoal incenses are black or near black in color, and are distinctive because they are rich in aromatic perfumes.

Indian charcoal sticks contrast from the "punks" in that they are dipped in superior perfumes, and burn smoothly without producing irritating smokey by-products.

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Natural Sandalwood (6 grams) - Charcoal Type Stick Incense - Incense from India 658915852605
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