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Natural Frankincense - Durbar Type Stick Incense - Incense from India

Author: Incense from India

The fresh, lemony, citrus scent of frankincse resin.

FRANKINCENSE is said to fall under the astrological sign of Leo which is ruled by the sun. For this reason frankincense is favored for combating depression, melancholy, confusion, and irritability. Its essence invokes vitality and a sunny disposition in its user. In ancient times, Hebrews, Greeks, and the Romans used frankincense in their religious ceremonies. Its name comes from the French words, franc, meaning pure, and encens, meaning to burn. The Bible recounts the story of the three wisemen who brought this 'pure incense' to baby Jesus.

DURBARS (and Champas) are wet-process incenses which frequently contain ingredients entirely unfamiliar in the West.

They are usually very slow burning and quite sweet and spicy in bouquet.

They can amalgamate solid and liquid perfumes in a gummy base which never quite dries, making the sticks themselves soft to the touch. All are rich and highly ragranced.

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Natural Frankincense - Durbar Type Stick Incense - Incense from India 658915852308
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