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Circle Of Wisdom: A Journey With The Glastonbury Grandmothers

Author: West, Margaret.

For some years the author has followed the path of the Shaman, a tradition that has a profound, mystical connection to the earth. A shaman is said to gain teachings through a progressive evolution referred to as hoops. Margaret came to call these teachings journeys and had completed the first cycle, which had been about moving inward to heal. With the full movement around the sacred wheel complete, she could feel deep within her bones that a new journey was about to begin. There exists a most ancient saying, 'where women are revered and safeguarded, prosperity reigns and the gods rejoice'. The New Epoch under the rays of Uranus will bring the renaissance of woman. The author invites you to join her on a journey into the feminine and within this magical journey meet a circle of Grandmothers in Glastonbury - a place where archetypal energy is not just a distant memory. Where there wasn't the separation that we feel now, wasn't the desperate search for life because when you are "one " you are in harmony with life. Welcome to the journey of the Grandmother. Take a moment to come into the void, back to the Ancient Ones, guided by "One Who Remembers ". Travel with the author, back to the old forgotten land of magic circles and sacred wells. Back to what her soul remembers as feminine in the old way. You will be guided and encouraged by a very unique "Old One ", who has signposted the land for this special teaching. Step into the journey of the Dark Bride, A search for a soul-song. That core in each of us that is our unique exquisite melody - the jewel of our essence. Come into that silent place that is our soul, that delicate tender place in our being that is our feminine. Welcome to the journey of the Grandmother and the grandmothers!

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Circle Of Wisdom: A Journey With The Glastonbury Grandmothers 9781861631145
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