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Boy Who Climbed The Mountain (h)

Author: Morris, Steve

The Boy who Climbed the Mountain' is an inspiring tale of self-discovery about a poor Nepalese farmer's son who embarks on a journey to follow his dream. Imaginative and uplifting, it is designed as a tool to foster personal growth, decision-making, cross cultural differences and family values in readers of all ages.

With over 40 full-size original illustrations by Nepalese artist Prithri Shrestha, the book is written in both English and Nepalese script to capture the authenticity of the culture and exotic lands of the Himalayas and her people.

The book can be read to and understood by children of all ages and is a self-reader for ages 8 and up. Containing a special note for adult readers on how to effectively use the book as both a means to help develop their child and as a cross-generational bonding tool it is a must read for any parent - educator wishing to have a positive influence on their children's' life.

Description Item # Price Qty  
Boy Who Climbed The Mountain (h) 9789814125048
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