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Love Is In The Earth Crystal Tarot (boxed Set Of 79 Cards + Book)

Author: Melody

This edition of the Love is in the Earth Crystal Tarot consists of 79 cards - one more than the original deck. Card 79 was created to mark the manifestation and beauty in our progression during this new millennium. The symbology can be used as the "Gateless Gate" through which one may gain profound awareness of the self and immeasurable insight into one's path. The insight of the ancient Masters and the energies of the mineral kingdom provide the clarity of this "new age".

Melody, an internationally known best-selling author and scientist, holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in mathematics, and has taught workshops and held private consultations throughout the world.

She has developed and designed this Tarot based upon Aleister Crowley's work and the associated symbology, and upon his recommendation for its modification when humanity and the world have both "changed". The essence of the "old" has been preserved within the "new" and continues with the legacy of Master Aleister Crowley's true and authentic representation of the Tarot. Her gift to you of this Tarot is the blessing of Manifestation.

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Description Item # Price Qty  
Love Is In The Earth Crystal Tarot (boxed Set Of 79 Cards + Book) 9780962819087
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