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My Ego, My Higher Power And I

Author: Hirschfield, Jerry

The author, Jerry Hirschfield ( , February 1, 1998
This appreciation of your Total Self will warm your heart
In this book, I describe the make-up of our psyche in a way which has given thousands of readers the in-depth understanding of themselves they were seeking for so long. I point out clearly the nature of our True Self which I call "I" and which is whole, complete, perfect, eternal, indestructible, inifinitely loving, creative and intelligent. This True Self or True I is who we really are, but have forgotten because we are so identified with our Ego self which is the one we are most familiar with, the one we live with on a daily basis, the one with all the defects and imperfections we would like to improve or get rid of. All of us exist within the context of the Higher Power whom many call God, Spirit, Energy, Love, and a million other names. He/She has so many names because He/She cannot be named. He/She is everything our True Self is and more because we are created in His/Her Own image and likeness.

Following this description in Part One, I give you ways you can proceed out of your ego self toward the perfection and love of your True Self (I), and your Higher Power. We are all headed toward perfection in our own individual way and at our own pace. We are all on our way back to our I from whom we departed so long ago. No one will be left out, even those who are still on the way toward apparent self-destruction will eventually turn back and come Home to their infinitely loving Higher Power, whom they have never really left.

Please send me your comments. I will try to reply to as many as I can.

With love,

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My Ego, My Higher Power And I 9780962659706
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