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Mythic Tarot (boxed Set; Book + Deck)

Author: Sharman-Burke, Juliet

OUT OF STOCK OUT OF PRINT. Drawing on characters and stories from Greek mythology, The Mythic Tarotoffers an imaginative and accessible approach to classic Tarot. Each suitdepicts archetypal characters -- such as the heroic Odysseus, the Earth MotherDemeter, and Athena, the goddess of justice -- and every card tells a well-knownmythical story. Rich with psychological insight, these mythical legends providethe wisdom and the insight we seek for personal growth.

In this beautifully designed kit you'll find:

  • An elegant, colorfully illustrated deck of cards
  • A reading guide, complete with information on how Tarot works, the meaningof each card, and how to conduct readings
  • A black silk cloth for use in readings, outlined with the classic Celticcross spread

Appealing for both beginning and experienced Tarot readers, The Mythic Tarotwill stimulate your curiosity and offer you an endless source of fresh insightand intuitive guidance.

Description Item # Price Qty  
Mythic Tarot (boxed Set; Book + Deck) 9780743219198 Out of Stock
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