Tarot of the Morning Star

Tarot of the Morning Star

The illustrations of the Tarot of the Morning Star are visual representations of specific frequencies resonating with their corresponding worlds. They can be compared to specific stations on a radio dial. However, unlike the radio receiver that only presents the ghost voices of disembodied entities we cannot see, the images of the Morning Star tarot cards offer the experience of hallucinated voices, vision and emotion: the source of the transmission. We can see, hear, feel and communicate directly with the entity and are not limited by time and space. Observers may find themselves thrown into alien landscapes, standing beneath strange skies bejeweled with unknown constellations where our laws of geometry and physics do not function.

Scheduled for release October 2017

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Book of the Month

Sigil Witchery

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Laura Tempest Zakroff’s Sigil Witchery is a unique resource for those interested in Sigils and the art of making them. This little book contains a history of magickal mark-making, a new spin on sigil creation, follow-along practices, suggestions for applications of sigils, and a gallery of the author’s work. It’s a lot to pack in at under 200 pages!
Laura spins the reader through history, starting with cave paintings and going all the way through modern use, pointing out some relevant helpful examples along the way. The history/example section is really strong. It is one of the most comprehensive ones out there, and is blessedly not Eurocentric.
The method itself, and this book, would be useful to both those familiar with sigils, and those who are new to them. New sigil witches may need to read a little more carefully, or a few times through to get some of the nuance, but hey, good techniques take practice! Those that are familiar with Spare’s method of sigil creation (writing a statement of intent, striking off letters, forming a glyph, and so on) will find the technique Laura teaches familiar, but from a different, intuitive-based viewpoint. To start, Laura goes through a variety of simple shapes and marks. These marks are the foundations of her sigils. Arrows, hearts, chevrons, dots, and many other simple marks are discussed at length for their possible attributions. Rather than smashing letters together, ala Spare, Laura teaches to thoughtfully mix different smaller symbols to form a larger glyph, resulting in a completed sigil. Some familiarity with Spare’s methods might be helpful, but Laura includes lots of exercises that the newbie can use to follow along and learn with. This includes a “practice” section, where the reader can read a scenario that requires a sigil, see what they come up with, and compare their results to Laura’s. This section is really helpful to drive the technique home, especially for new sigil witches.

Similarly to Laura’s other book The Witch’s Cauldron (which is definitely worth a read!), Laura goes through multiple different ways that Sigils can be used and applied, breaking away from the strict “sigils-must- be-burned” rules that has arisen from the Spare method. Temporary sigils made of salt, tattoo sigils, sigils in motion, hidden sigils logo sigils, and a wealth of other applications are covered.

The main takeaway from Sigil Witchery seems to be that sigils, being intuitive-based magick, should be made and used intuitively. Her perspective is that of someone who is not a Chaos Magician, or a Ceremonial Magician, which provides a different insight than many of the sigil-making resources available now. As a time-tempered Modern Traditional Witch, (among other things, she’s a busy lady!)
Laura has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. A new reader might miss some of the nuances of this book on the first read-through, but its short length makes it easy enough to read again!

Review by Kitty, Magus Minion

Herb of the Month


Ginger is great all winter long! When the hands and feet are cold a cup of ginger tea can warm things up perfectly. Add a little sweetener and perhaps a few other herbs and make a great drink to warm up on a cold winter day. Ginger is even thought to help fight off colds and flu when taken because of a little chill! Of course, ginger is also great with nausea, motion sickness, and more. Need ginger and can’t get to it? Pick a up chai tea, they often have ginger in them!

Oil of the Month

Camphor Oil

Camphor essential oil is traditionally used to clear the lungs and ease aching joints. Just a 2 to 3 drops to a bath for congested, gunky lungs or for sore, aching joints. It can be applied to aching joints – but only diluted! It can even be rubbed on the chest once it is diluted. A good dilution? Just a drop or two in a four ounce bottle of a base oil like olive oil or grapeseed oil. With camphor a little goes a long way.

Stone of the Month

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a stone often used to help one resolve harmful thought patterns. It helps one to deal with grief, and shields one from oppressive negativity.

Statue of the Month


Ganesha is a jovial Remover of Obstacles. Known for having the head of an elephant, some stories say that Ganesha was created from Shiva's laughter. Residing in the Root Chakra, Ganesha helps to support and guide all the other chakras. Use this God of New Beginnings to clear your path to expanding in joyous ways, in all aspects of life!

Talisman of the Month

Honor & Riches

Bring prosperity to the New Year with this Talisman for Honor & Riches. Drawn from one of the most influential books of magick ever written, the Key of Solomon, this solar prosperity talisman has as its obverse side a lunar magick circle, making it a symbol of protection and balance in addition to wealth.

Astrology Photo

This month in Astrology...

2018 starts to the sound of loud fireworks, with our first Full Moon in her home of Cancer on the 1st (the biggest, (almost) highest of the year). As this emotionally dramatic Full Moon illuminates deep psychic programs that want to be seen, the planet of crazy change and uncomfortable cerebral intensity, Uranus, stands still in Aries to resume direct motion. The times they are a-changin’ and this Moon wants to remind us that this year isn’t going to get less crazy (for a bit at least). Intense soul lessons and initiations are being highlighted. Put a little extra love into making sure the crazies stirred are good and therapeutic ones, not reckless and cold ones. Anxiety runs high, and nutrition and the right medicines can be very helpful now.

Agenda-driven Mars in Scorpio makes a conjunction with idealistic Jupiter on the 6th (strong the 1st through 10th), and many lines in the sand are being drawn. Righteous indignation is coming up all over the place, and the “me too” moment we’re in is getting louder. Lessons come through adventures in messed up power dynamics- physically, emotionally, financially… You are a sovereign and free soul exploring sticky stories in this mortal adventure. Commit deeply to what is right, true, and soul-enriching. Veiled expectations and ignorance about deeper needs are poisonous to all relationships.

A beautiful extended conjunction of Venus and the Sun in Capricorn gilds the month of January (strong the 1st through 16th), but its exact hit on the ninth coincides with a conjunction to shadow-stirring Pluto. The Sun and Venus dancing together through Capricorn, the kingdom of earthly responsibility, can bring infusions of beauty and harmony to the most demanding tasks. All planets are now moving direct, and just about anything can be accomplished quickly if we can just fall in love with getting things done.

Keep your eyes out for deep interpersonal initiation opportunities. This isn’t necessarily such a great month for pie-in-the-sky romance, but it’s an amazing time to make evolution-inspiring love and/or to update and evolve the union of the masculine and feminine within (especially through conscious symbolic actions). Own your projections, release your victimhood, and reclaim your life force.

The Sun (and Venus!) are both in mental Aquarius by the 19th, and the end of the month brings a whir of social, witty and curiosity-inspiring opportunities. There will be some blessed respite from any hard work that has been accomplished in the first few weeks of the month. Mental health will be questioned all over the place, but innovation in all things information-related will birth some inspiring efforts. Honor the powers of your creative mind with willful (and graceful) innovation.

The month ends with another Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse!) on the 31st in Leo, which also happens to be a Blue Moon(!) This eclipse highlights the growing inequalities in our world. How can we release our attachments to “privilege” concepts and dive into these lives with more creativity and rewarding flow? Life is beautiful, and humans can make so much magic when we get creative together. The people, united, will never be defeated! (provided we can get our heads out of our isolated, inferiority-complex-enriched, judgy butts!)

Enjoy this transformative month, and work on paring down unrealistic expectations of yourself and/or others as you enjoy the beauty of this strange life’s many magical moments.

Blessings, Saleem

For more info about Saleem and Astrology, contact him at www.innatewholenessastrology.com.


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