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Practical Meditation
Author: Hounsome, Steve.

Item #: 9781861630575
Description: This is a book about trees, but a book with a difference, for it acknowledges trees to be wise beings who can teach us much if we approach them in the right way. This book shows how to go about it, revealing the origins of our awakening interest in-a... 
Price: $22.95
Taming The Wolf: Full Moon Meditations
Author: Hounsome, Steve.

Item #: 9781898307372
Description: "an excellent account...I thoroughly recommend this book for all who are drawn to work with the moon...168 wisdom filled pages " TouchstoneShows exactly how meditating at specific phases of the Moon can be beneficial, not just for those part... 
Price: $19.95
Tarot Therapy: Tarot For The Millennium
Author: Hounsome, Steve.

Item #: 9781861630742
Description: This groundbreaking new work proposes the use of Tarot as a therapy, alongside the many other complementary and nat-ural procedures available. This largely ignored method of working with the cards begins the work of restoring the Tarot to its rightfu... 
Price: $27.95
Practical Spirituality
Author: Hounsome, Steve

Item #: 9781861630155
Description: Many people today struggle to blend a spiritual life with the demands of work, home and family. For many, the rampant commercialism, exploitation and consequent destruction of the modern 'developed' world is in direct conflict with the sacred ideals ... 
Price: $22.95

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