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Luminous Mind - The Essential Guide To Meditation & Mind Fitness
Author: Levey, Joel; Levey, Michelle; Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781573242967
Description: Binding Type: Quality272 Pages 
Price: $14.95
Fried - How You Burn Out & How To Revive
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781401925505
Description: Binding Type: Hardcover200 Pages 
Price: $17.95
It's Not The End Of The World: Developing Resilience In Times Of Change (h)
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781401926328
Price: $14.95
Seven Paths To God - The Ways Of The Mystic
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781561706105
Description: The search for the Divine Beloved is as old as humankind. What is the nature of God--Mother, Father, Great Spirit, the Tao, the One Who Is Many--and how do we live in harmony with the Divine Plan by using our unique gifts and talents? Why are we here... 
Price: $8.95
Power Of The Mind To Heal: Renewing Body, Mind & Spirit (q)
Author: Borysenko, Joan & Borysenko, Miroslav

Item #: 9781561701445
Description: Midwest Book Review Joan Borysnko is a former cancer cell biologist with a degree from harvard Medical School. She and her... 
Price: $14.95
Power Of The Mind To Heal (dvd)
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781401917289
Description: from Hay House. In this inspiring and practical program, Dr. Borysenko reveals how to put yourself in the optimum condition for nature to heal you. She introduces tools and techniques for creating health in body, mind, and spirit that are simple and ... 
Price: $19.95
Woman's Book Of Life: The Biology, Psychology & Spirituality Of The Feminine Life Cycle
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781573226516
Price: $16.00
Inner Peace For Busy Women: Balancing Work, Family & Your Inner Life
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781401902735
Description: The problem is not that women are busy, or that working women with children are the busiest people on the face of the Earth. The problem is that women have been taught that their outer lives should always be balanced in an all-but-impossible way, and... 
Price: $10.95
Fire In The Soul: A New Psychology Of Spiritual Optimism (30% Discount)
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9780446670159
Price: $17.99
Your Soul's Compass: What Is Spiritual Guidance? (q)
Author: Borysenko, Joan & Dveirin, Gordon

Item #: 9781401907778
Description: Why am I here? What does a life worth living look like??What is the higher intelligence trying to express through me?"In this time of global change and uncertainty, of spiritual indirection, Americans are asking these age-old questions with renewed c... 
Price: $14.95
Pocketful Of Miracles: Prayers, Meditations & Affirmations To Nurture Your Spirit Every Day...
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9780446395366
Description: In this exquisite little volume, acclaimed healer Joan Borysenko offers a unique, organic means of drawing personal strength and spiritual succor from the wondrous cycles of nature. Drawing on the ancient wisdom at the core of the world's religions,... 
Price: $14.95
Minding The Body, Mending The Mind (new Edition)
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9780738211169
Price: $16.95
Inner Peace For Busy People: 52 Strategies For Transforming Your Life
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781401902148
Description: Why have we allowed "busyness" to become a badge of honor and a jaw-clenching form of competition in our society? Slaves to phones, beepers, emails, faxes and congested traffic, many of us are also trying to balance the demands of families and career... 
Price: $12.95
Inner Peace For Busy People (dvd)
Author: Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781401917272
Price: $19.95

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