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Wiccan Calendars

Witches' Almanac - The Complete Guide To Lunar Harmony--Spring, 2010 To Spring, 2011 - Booklet -
Author: Theitic

Item #: 9780977370375
Description: This new edition of the venerable publication The Witches' Almanac pays tribute to the animal kingdom-some home companions, some wild ones, some creatures of fantasy.The book features a throng of animals, great and small, in stories such as:... 
Price: $11.95
Magic Hexagram

Item #: 0000AZMAGH
Description: Though not as famous as the Pentagram, the Hexgram ahs been used as a magical symbol for thousands of years. It is frequently viewed as a form that can act as a portal to the spirit world.As such, the Magic Hexagram pentagram is a great tool ... 
Price: $6.95
Anna Riva's Magnet 16oz

Item #: 000OA16MAG
Description: Anna Rivas Magnet oil is a potent magical oil that can be applied to a wide range of purposes. Add Magnet oil to your love spells to help you attract the one that you desire, or use it within the creation of mojo bags and other such charms to help br... 
Price: $46.95
Solar Lunar Calendar 2011 - the beautiful guide to planting by the moon, and orienting our household activities to the cycles of the Moon, Sun and Earth
Author: Hawkdancing Studio

Item #: solarlunar2011
Description: The 2011 Solar Lunar Calendar Time In a Circle...This unique, useful and decorative wall calendar, in production since 1977, places the 365 days of the year on a circle, in a graphic representation of the cyclical nature of the passage of tim... 
Price: $14.95

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