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Three Hands Press

The Devil's Raiments - Habiliments of the Witches' Craft - Three Hands Press Occult Monograph II
Author: Duffy, Martin

Item #: monograph2
Description: Limited to 800 copies.Three Hands Press Occult Monographs is a new esoteric reference series. The vision of the project is to produce, in limited edition, a serial compendium of authoritative occult monographs by contemporary writer-pr... 
Price: $59.95
West Country Witches
Author: Howard, Michael

Item #: westcountrywitches
Description: In 1930 a correspondent writing to the Western Morning Post newspaper confidently asserted 'We live in an age when those old twilight beliefs are disappearing'.The beliefs in question were various aspects of popular superstition and the super... 
Price: $24.00
The Language of Birds - Some Notes on Chance and Divination
Author: Pendell, Dale

Item #: tHreehands1
Description: Expected late March, early April.Chance, the great beloved of gamblers, lovers, generals and kings, has long held sway over mortal affairs.Whether assuming the form of the goddess Fortuna and her ever-turning Wheel, or the abstr... 
Price: $15.95
Scottish Witches and Warlocks
Author: Howard, Michael

Item #: scottishwitches
Description: In the village of at Cullen in Forfarshire, an arrest warrant was served in January 1657 for one Margaret Philp, accused of practicing witchcraft.Her servant, Isobel Imblaugh, testified she had seen her mistress have dealings with a spirit ta... 
Price: $24.95

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