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Light On The Path/through The Gates Of Gold
Author: Collins, Mabel

Item #: 9780911500387
Description: Book Description A treatise Written for the Personal Use of Those Who are Ignorant of the Eastern Wisdom, and Who Desire t... 
Price: $10.95
Key To Theosophy
Author: Blavatsky, Helena P

Item #: 9780911500073
Description: Verbatim reprint of original 1889 edition. 
Price: $14.95
Isis Unveiled (2 Vols.) (h)
Author: Blavatsky, Helena P

Item #: 9780911500028
Price: $41.95
Mahatma Letters To A.p. Sinnett
Author: Barker, A Trevor

Item #: 9780911500219
Description: From The Publisher... 
Price: $16.95
Spiritualism, Madame Blavatsky, And Theosophy: An Eyewitness View Of Occult History
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9780880104951
Price: $24.95
Studies In Occultism
Author: Blavatsky, Helena P

Item #: 9780911500097
Price: $10.95
Animal Kingdom: A Spiritual Perspective
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301455
Description: This is a new compilation of extracts from the works of Alice A. Bailey, author of 24 books of esoteric philosophy. This thought provoking compilation offers an inspiring overview of humanity's responsibility for the evolution of animals and deepens... 
Price: $12.00
Seven Rays Of Life: Compiled From The Works Of Alice Bailey
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301424
Description: As Alice Bailey wrote, a study of the rays will mean that "...we shall have a practical method of analysis whereby we can arrive at a right understanding of ourselves as ensouling entities, and at a wiser comprehension of our fellowmen. We can then ... 
Price: $18.00
Initiation, Human And Solar
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301103
Description: An initiation is an expansion of consciousness, leading to revelation and illumination. Initiation is experienced by all forms of life, great and small. The work of the planetary Hierarchy, in its many stages of Mastership, is outlined in this book,... 
Price: $14.00
Letters On Occult Meditation
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301110
Description: The science of meditation, as a mind-training technique, is increasingly practiced everywhere. Meditation is concerned with energy flow, energy which is impersonal and fiery in nature; its potential dangers should therefore be understood and avoided... 
Price: $18.00
Compilation On Sex
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301363
Description: A thought provoking collection of extracts from the Alice Bailey writings on the cause and basic mystery of the sex relation. "In the vale of illusion, the symbol oft engrosses the attention and that which it represents is forgotten. " Chapters in... 
Price: $12.00
Rays And The Initiations (vol.v Of "a Treatise On The Seven Rays")
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301226
Description: The first part of this volume contains the Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation, an extension of the teachings given in Initiation, Human and Solar on the Fourteen Rules for Applicants. The second part of the book is concerned with the nine initiation... 
Price: $30.00
Problems Of Humanity
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301134
Description: Six basic world problems, with many ramifications, continue to present humanity with opportunity for progress. A perspective on these problems is shown in this book; the spiritual factors and subjective causes are related to the outer appearances and... 
Price: $14.00
Treatise On White Magic
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301233
Description: This book contains the Fifteen Rules for Magic (for soul control)--the soul, the White Magician, becoming manifest through its own inherent "magical " powers. Man is essentially and inherently divine. The soul is the means whereby mankind evolves ... 
Price: $27.00
Ponder On This
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301318
Description: A popular and comprehensive introductory book with contents arranged in alphabetical order providing a general reference to the entire collection. Topics include The Ancient Mysteries, Courage, Crisis, Guidance, Joy, Mind, The New Age, Reincarnatio... 
Price: $19.00
Labours Of Hercules
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301370
Description: The Labours of Hercules is a vivid narrative describing the journey of the soul through the twelve signs of the zodiac, as viewed from the myth of Hercules. The text is based upon a series of lectures by Alice Bailey, was first published in The Beac... 
Price: $14.00
Unfinished Autobiography
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301240
Description: Although her death in December 1949 prevented the completion of this book, enough of the author's life story emerges to show the stages in her journey from Christian evangelism to mastery of the science of esotericism, author, lecturer and teacher. 
Price: $18.00
Seventh Ray: Revealer Of The New Age
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301417
Description: To aid men and women endeavouring to prepare themselves for group service during this transitional era, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul suggested the study of all that he had written on the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. The Seventh Ray: Revealer of... 
Price: $14.00
Theosophy: An Introduction To The Supersensible Knowledge Of The World & Destination Of Man
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9780880103732
Description: Theosophy thoroughly describes human nature-the physical, soul, spirit ("I" being), and higher spiritual aspects. This leads us to Steiner's description of our sevenfold being. He gives an extraordinary overview of the laws of reincarnation and karma... 
Price: $16.95
Reappearance Of The Christ
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301141
Description: Many religions today expect the coming of an Avatar or Saviour. The scond coming of the Christ, as the world Teacher for the age of Aquarius, is presented in this book as an imminent event, logical and practical in the continuity of divine revelation... 
Price: $16.00
Soul And Its Mechanism
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301158
Description: The soul works through the mechanism of the threefold personality. The method by which the soul and the personality vehicles interact and function together is presented in this volume; and also the way the human constitution, as a whole and in its c... 
Price: $12.00
Treatise On Cosmic Fire
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301172
Description: This volume deals with the underlying structure of occult teaching for the present era and with those vast cosmic processes reproduced through all areas of life from universe to atom. A large section of the book is directed to a detailed exposition ... 
Price: $48.00
Esoteric Astrology (vol.iii Of "a Treatise On The Seven Rays")
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301202
Description: The science of esoteric astrology is said to be the basic occult science of the future. Astrology is described in this book as "the science of relationships ", a science which deals with those conditioning energies and forces which play through and... 
Price: $30.00
Esoteric Healing (vol.iv Of "a Treatise On The Seven Rays")
Author: Bailey, Alice

Item #: 9780853301219
Description: Healing is an exact and an exacting science. Esoteric healing is equally scientific, based on a number of requirements, including knowledge of the constitution of man as a spiritual being and of the biology and anatomy of his physical form. In this... 
Price: $27.00
Los Origenes Del Ritual En La Iglesia Y La Masoneria
Author: Blavatsky, Helena P

Item #: 9789707321595
Description: This book guides you through the most important rituals pacticed by masonic lodges and the catholic church, presenting a portion of that ancient wisdom. HP Blavatzki demonstrated that the ancient wisdom was still known and First showed that all major... 
Price: $10.90
Aether: The Transcript
Author: Finesilver, Michael I

Item #: 9781900034104
Description: This book offers a multi-faceted view of the vast and subtle reality of the aether. Independent minded scientists, artists, healers and teachers all enthusiastically convey their awareness of the aether - that pre-physical state of the cosmos, not ... 
Price: $20.00
Secret Doctrine - The Classic Work Of H.P. Blavatsky
Author: Gomes, Michael

Item #: 9781585427086
Description: The Secret Doctrine, Helena Petronova Blavatsky's masterwork on the origin and evolution of the universe and humanity itself, is arguably the most famous, and perhaps the most influential, occult book ever written.Published since 1888 ... 
Price: $17.95
Angeles Custodios: Y Otros Protectores Invisibles
Author: Leadbeater, Charles W

Item #: 9789707321915
Description: Three of the most important stories of the author: Custody Angels, Invisible Helpers and Nature's Spiritus. Charles Leadbeater had great psychic abilities, as the result of which, notwithstanding his frequent disclaiming of occult authority, he exerc... 
Price: $11.90
At The Feet Of The Master
Author: Alcyone (Krishnamurti)

Item #: 9781585093069
Price: $10.95
Wisdom's Children: A Christian Esoteric Tradition
Author: Versluis, Arthur

Item #: 9780791443309
Description: Provides an in-depth introduction to the Christian theosophic tradition that began with Jacob Bohme, bringing us into a startling new world of Christian experiential spirituality that is the Christian equivalent of Sufism and Kabbalism. With chapters... 
Price: $26.95

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