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Tarot and Divinatory Sets

Tarot and Divinatory Sets
Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night Kit
Author: Corsi, Davide

Item #: 9780738719337
Description: As interest in vampires surges to new heights, this deliciously macabre tarot will attract the masses who feel an insatiable passion for these creatures of the night.Chillingly wrought in exquisite and realistic detail, this stunning tarot is... 
Price: $32.95
Tarot of the Celtic Fairies Kit
Author: Lo Scarabeo

Item #: 9780738721859
Description: Journey to a hauntingly beautiful fairie land steeped in Celtic lore. Vivid, luminescent scenes vibrate with significant detail, deep meaning, and sheer beauty.Not everyone is lucky enough to experience these magical creatures firsthand, but ... 
Price: $32.95
Fey Tarot Kit
Author: Minetti, Riccardo

Item #: 9780738702803
Description: The Fey creatures, with their otherworldly air, inhabit our world through myth and story-and now through this extraordinary tarot.Aghem creates landscapes for the mind and soul and peoples those landscapes with mysterious and intriguing Fey f... 
Price: $32.95
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Item #: 9780880790413
Description: Each card has descriptive pictures with meanings on a portion of the card. Also suitable as a regular deck of playing cards. 
Price: $7.00
The Phoenix Cards - Reading and Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck
Author: Sheppard, Susan

Item #: 9780892813100
Description: Created by a descendent of Johnny Appleseed, the Phoenix Cards represent the cultures of the world. This beautiful boxed set is a gateway to reading and interpreting past-life influences. Susan Sheppard's 272-page book and 28-card deck, illustrated b... 
Price: $29.95
Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck -
Author: Hart, Francene

Item #: 9781879181731
Description: Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry. With splendid use of the full color spectrum and gentl... 
Price: $35.00
Inner Child Cards - A Fairy-Tale Tarot
Author: Lerner, Isha

Item #: 9781879181823
Description: Inner Child Cards is a divination system that reawakens the child in all of us by gently helping us to interact with the most potent archetypes of the inner world. Drawing on universal children's fairy tales, myths, and fables such ... 
Price: $34.95
Inner Child Cards Workbook - Further Exercises and Mystical Teachings from the Fairy-Tale Tarot
Author: Lerner, Isha

Item #: 9781879181892
Description: Specific visualizations and affirmations correspond to each of the major arcana cards, and new layouts and divination methods for use with her" Inner Child Cards deck will allow those who are familiar with it to build on previous knowledge. This bea... 
Price: $14.00
The Triple Goddess Tarot - The Power of the Major Arcana, Chakra Healing, and the Divine Feminine
Author: Lerner, Isha

Item #: 9781879181946
Description: This deck offers a system using the healing power centers of the body, archetypal mysticism, the sacred feminine, and an awakened consciousness as a means to acquire greater health, empowerment, and purpose. 
Price: $35.00
Rituals and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot
Author: Noble, Vicki

Item #: 9781591430087
Description: First printed at the crest of the women's spirituality movement, the author's Mother-peace Tarot Deck embraced images from ancient cultures and contemporary tribes to convey the fundamental principles of cooperation, relatedness, egalitarianism and e... 
Price: $15.00
The Tarot Court Cards - Archetypal Patterns of Relationship in the Minor Arcana
Author: Warwick-Smith, Kate

Item #: 9780892810925
Description: The Tarot Court Cards gives fresh meaning to the sixteen "face" cards of the tarot -- the King, Queen, Knight, and Page. Kate Warwick-Smith shows how these cards embody archetypal patterns of relationship that can be used by seasoned tarot readers a... 
Price: $16.95
The Nahualli Animal Oracle -
Author: Rainieri, Caelum

Item #: 9781591430179
Description: Nahualli is the Aztec word for shadow soul, the animal double of the human soul. The Nahualli Animal Oracle teaches spiritual seekers to identify their own nahualli and receive soul guidance from this Aztec wisdom tradition. Ancient... 
Price: $35.00
The Tantric Dakini Oracle
Author: Douglas, Nik

Item #: 9780892811373
Description: The Tantric Dakini Oracle is a system of divination based on the 64 Dakinis, ancient symbolic representatives of the female intuitive wisdom. This boxed set of The Secret Dakini Oracle book and a 65-card divination deck are based on ... 
Out of Stock
Mystical Origins of the Tarot - From Ancient Roots to Modern Usage
Author: Huson, Paul

Item #: 9780892811908
Description: Most scholars have guessed that the lost origins of the Tarot lay in China, Egypt, or India. Paul Huson, a student of Tarot for over 40 years, has expertly tracked each symbol of the Minor Arcana to its roots in ancient Persia and the Major Arcana Tr... 
Price: $18.95
Tarot of the Four Elements - Tribal Folklore, Earth Mythology, and Human Magic
Author: Lerner, Isha

Item #: 9781591430308
Description: Tarot of the Four Elements prepares the soul for a magical exploration of the dream world using images from many cultures, including masks, totems, handprints, and symbols representing the natural world. Artist Amy Ericksen's paintings invok... 
Price: $35.00
Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path
Author: Hart, Francene

Item #: 9781591430926
Description: Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path 
Price: $35.00
The Minchiate Tarot - The 97-Card Tarot of the Renaissance, Complete with the 12 Astrological Signs and the 4 Elements
Author: Williams, Brian

Item #: 9780892816514
Description: Bestselling tarot author Brian Williams brings us the first modern presentation of the unique Italian Renaissance tarot deck known as the Minchiate, with insightful commentary and subtle interpretations of the original art.... 
Price: $35.00
The Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Author: Matthews, Caitlín

Item #: 9780892817207
Description: The Celtic Wisdom Tarot draws upon the ancient oral traditions of theCeltic druids to create striking visual images that profoundly reflectthe druids' deep-rooted belief in the interconnectedness of all things. This stunning book and d... 
Out of Stock
The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot
Author: Martinié, Louis

Item #: 9780892813636
Description: This book and 79-card deck mirror the face of New Orleans Voodoo that has emerged from the Dahomey tradition of West Africa, Creole, and South American cultures. Explains rituals of the Voodoo religion in the context of Tarot spreads and readings, ad... 
Price: $35.00
The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars
Author: Spilsbury, Ariel

Item #: 9780939680863
Description: The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars contains a 348-page book and 44 cards, illustrated by Donna Kiddie - 20 Mayan starglyphs, 13 numbers, and 11 "lenses of mystery." Together, the glyphs and numbers form Tzolkin, the sacred round of the Mayan... 
Price: $35.00
The Book of African Divination - Interpreting the Forces of Destiny with Techniques from the Venda, Zulu, and Yoruba
Author: Buckland, Raymond

Item #: 9780892813643
Description: The Book of African Divination takes us on a fascinating journey of magical divination practices from diverse African traditions - from Venda tablets to Zulu bone casting and Tikar spider cards - illustrating how to make and use many traditional tool... 
Price: $26.00
Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot - A Jungian Guide to Archetypes and Personality
Author: Gwain, Rose

Item #: 9780892814121
Description: Following Jung's personality types as guiding principles, the author shows how the tarot can be used as a tool to refocus the personality from the ego to the self and to gain insight into personal issues. 
Price: $12.95
The Egyptian Oracle
Author: Heath, Maya

Item #: 9781879181199
Description: Simple and easy for the beginner, this carefully researched system develops in richness as you gain experience with the ancient mysteries. Awaken to the sacred Egyptian principles of living in harmony and balance with ourselves, the land, and the div... 
Price: $34.95
The Book of Doors Divination Deck - An Alchemical Oracle from Ancient Egypt
Author: Veggi, Athon

Item #: 9780892815128
Description: This entirely new divination system accesses the ancient knowledge of Egypt, enabling you to unlock your intuitive abilities and call upon the energy of the Egyptian deities, whose powers transform both matter and spirit. 
Price: $29.95
The Light and Shadow Tarot
Author: Goepferd, Michael

Item #: 9780892815036
Description: This book and deck set features striking and original block-print art that draws inspiration from many spiritual traditions to help bring to light your shadow side--an essential part of the creative process that can lead to... 
Price: $19.95
The Return of the Tribal Body Adornment Kit
Author: Inner Traditions

Item #: 9780892817924
Description: It's fun, it's safe, it's painless, and best of all, it's not permanent! Kit includes ornate bindis from India, cosmetic piercing, henna from Pakistan, body paint, and tribal tattoo designs, with complete instructions and a look at the ... 
Price: $26.00
The Cosmic Tribe Tarot
Author: Postman, Stevee

Item #: 9780892817009
Description: This is a deck created for the twenty-first century, neo-tribal technopagan. "Stevee's art has the convincing feel of having been created by one who has been to the other side and can harness the most sophisticated technology to arti... 
Price: $34.95
Daughters Of The Moon Tarot Deck (in Full Color)
Author: Morgan, Ffiona

Item #: 9781880130049
Price: $26.95
Tarot Of Transformation: Chart Your Own Course To Healing With Spiritual Awakening (bk+deck)
Author: Arlenea, Willow & Cori, Jasmin Lee

Item #: 9781578632398
Price: $39.95
Magic Cards Kit (book & 72 Cards)
Author: Sybil, Russian

Item #: 9780738708003
Description: [No Product Description] 
Price: $21.95

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