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The Yoga of the Nine Emotions - The Tantric Practice of Rasa Sadhana
Author: Marchand, Peter

Item #: 9781594770944
Description: A guide to changing negative emotions and promoting happiness using traditional Tantric and Ayurvedic practices- Details the 9 Rasas that represent our basic emotions- Offers emotional fasting exercises and daily routines for emotional well-being- ... 
Price: $16.95
Shiva and the Primordial Tradition - From the Tantras to the Science of Dreams
Author: Daniélou, Alain

Item #: 9781594771415
Description: An extensive examination of the underpinnings of the Shaivite Tradition ? Reveals the influence of Shaivism on the Western world ? Discusses Shaivism's understanding of sacred sexuality ? Presents the connections between Vedic poetry and metaphysics... 
Price: $14.95
The Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism - Sacred Practices and Spiritual Marriage
Author: Versluis, Arthur

Item #: 9781594772122
Description: Like the Tantra of the East, Western mystical traditions too have sought transcendence or divine union through sexual practices. Though largely hidden, these practices have played an important role in kabbalistic and hermetic alchemy, Gnosticism, ear... 
Price: $14.95
Shakti - Realm of the Divine Mother
Author: Vanamali

Item #: 9781594771996
Description: Shakti is synonymous with the Devi, the Divine Mother or divine power that manifests, sustains, and transforms the universe. Drawing on Hindu scripture, Vanamali presents 30-plus incarnations of the Divine Mother that represent both the beneficial an... 
Price: $19.95
Earth Honoring - The New Male Sexuality
Author: Lawlor, Robert

Item #: 9780892814282
Description: Draws from Taoist, Tantric, and tribal teachings to reveal specific techniques men can use to direct their quest for power into constructive channels, and an ecstatic and compassionate experience of their life-force energies. Robert Lawlor proposes t... 
Price: $12.95
Tantric Awakening - A Woman's Initiation into the Path of Ecstasy
Author: Brooks, Valerie

Item #: 9780892819065
Description: Tantric Awakening discloses an epic experience of tantra that few have achieved, and even fewer would dare to attempt. This is the story of a 19-year-old girl, disillusioned by the questions that her religion and society fail to answer, who courageo... 
Price: $14.95
The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress - Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters
Author: Lai, Hsi

Item #: 9780892818686
Description: Unlike other Taoist texts, The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress presents traditions that focus on women, traditions that stem from a long line of courtesans and female Taoists. Translations of the ancient teachings from a rare White Tigr... 
Price: $19.95
Desire - The Tantric Path to Awakening
Author: Odier, Daniel

Item #: 9780892818587
Description: Desire explores the subtle techniques of Tantra that enable the seeker to attain the triple mastery of the breath, thought, and the natural processes of the body.  
Price: $14.95
Eros and the Mysteries of Love - The Metaphysics of Sex
Author: Evola, Julius

Item #: 9780892813155
Description: A comprehensive work on the metaphysical aspects of sexuality. Julius Evola sheds new light on the mystical and spiritual expression of sexual love. This in-depth study explores the sexual rites of sacred traditions, and shows how religion, mysticism... 
Price: $18.95
The Illustrated Kama Sutra - Ananga-Ranga - Perfumed Garden
Author: Burton, Richard F.

Item #: 9780892814411
Description: Selections from three Eastern love texts in one volume, handsomely illustrated with a unique collection of Indian art. 
Price: $24.95
The Perfumed Garden
Author: Burton, Richard F.

Item #: 9780892814435
Description: From 16th-century Arabia, The Perfumed Garden - for the Repose of the Mind is a classic work of Arab erotica offering a uniquely entertaining collection of tales filled with frank and sound advice on sexual relations, accompanied by rare and... 
Price: $19.95
The Complete Kama Sutra - The First Unabridged Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text
Author: Daniélou, Alain

Item #: 9780892815258
Description: The oldest and most widely read guide to the pleasures of sexuality, the Kama Sutra< - em> deals with all aspects of sexual life, and was compiled from texts dating to the fourth century B.C. In contrast to the only previously available version, Ala... 
Price: $19.95
The Complete Kama Sutra - The First Unabridged Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text
Author: Daniélou, Alain

Item #: 9780892814923
Description: The oldest and most widely read guide to the pleasures of sexuality, the Kama Sutra deals with all aspects of sexual life, and was compiled from texts dating to the fourth century B.C. In contrast to the only previously available version, Al... 
Price: $29.95
The Erotic Sentiment in the Paintings of China and Japan
Author: Douglas, Nik

Item #: 9780892814954
Description: In Eastern cultures, it was customary to present collections of erotic art called pillow books to newlyweds. This full-color edition showcases the finest examples of this art from China and Japan, accompanied by selections of Taoist verse. 
Price: $16.95
The Phallus - Sacred Symbol of Male Creative Power
Author: Daniélou, Alain

Item #: 9780892815562
Description: Alain Daniélou here unveils the religious impulse underlying art that at first glance seems to have no purpose beyond the erotic. Illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings of European and Indian art, The Phallus celebrat... 
Price: $19.95
The Yoni - Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power
Author: Camphausen, Rufus C.

Item #: 9780892815623
Description: Yoni symbolism is a part of the spiritual traditions of cultures in every part of the globe. The Yoni traces this primal motif in Australian Aboriginal folk tales, in alchemy, in Tantric practices, and in cont... 
Price: $19.95
The Erotic Sentiment in the Paintings of India and Nepal
Author: Douglas, Nik

Item #: 9780892816859
Description: The variety of pillow books represented here bring together some of the finest examples from India and Nepal, including pieces from the private collection of a Nepalese king. Accompanying these exquisite reproductions are commentaries and translation... 
Price: $16.95
Tantric Quest - An Encounter with Absolute Love
Author: Odier, Daniel

Item #: 9780892816200
Description: The author reveals his passionate experiences with a Tantric master who taught him the suppressed practices of her ancient order.In 1968 Daniel Odier went to the Himalayas in search of spirituality and passion and found both in Shivaic Tantrism, ... 
Price: $14.95
Botanica Erotica - Arousing Body, Mind, and Spirit
Author: Luca, Diana De

Item #: 9780892817900
Description: More than a simple list of aphrodisiacs, this delightful book offers suggestions to arouse all the senses and to make every encounter with life an encounter with eros. From voluptuous vittles to romantic baths, this celebration of pleasure is ideal f... 
Price: $25.00
Eros, Consciousness, and Kundalini - Deepening Sensuality through Tantric Celibacy and Spiritual Intimacy
Author: Sovatsky, Stuart

Item #: 9780892818303
Description: In this extraordinary celebration of the erotic, Dr. Stuart Sovatsky introduces us to the Tantric art of sexual sublimation. Exercises based on yoga, kundalini, and chakra meditation help readers learn to harness the divine energy at the heart of all... 
Price: $22.95
The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon - Taoist Methods for Male Sexual Revitalization
Author: Lai, Hsi

Item #: 9780892819638
Description: This sequel to The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress explores more fully the male role in Taoist sexual transformation. The Jade Dragon's goal is health, longevity and immortality through external and internal regimens for the enhancement and acc... 
Price: $16.95
The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sexuality - From Aphrodisiacs and Ecstasy to Yoni Worship and Zap-lam Yoga
Author: Camphausen, Rufus C.

Item #: 9780892817191
Description: This comprehensive reference book, lavishly illustrated and extensively cross-referenced, encompasses all eras and cultures in exploring the meaning of sexuality. 
Price: $29.95
Sexual Secrets: Twentieth Anniversary Edition - The Alchemy of Ecstasy
Author: Douglas, Nik

Item #: 9780892818051
Description: In celebration of its 20th year in print, "Sexual Secrets" has been completely revised to include 100 new color illustrations which explore creative sexuality by blending images of the West with the sentiments of the East. 600 illustrations. 
Price: $30.00
A Sacred Sex Devotional - 365 Inspiring Thoughts to Enhance Intimacy
Author: Lorenzo, Rafael

Item #: 9780892819355
Description: This celebration of love presents a year's worth of poetic and evocative words from some of the world's greatest writers and oldest societies that reveal the sacred tradition of ecstasy in love and sexuality. 
Price: $12.00
Courtly Love - The Path of Sexual Initiation
Author: Markale, Jean

Item #: 9780892817719
Description: Jean Markale shows that the roots of the ritual of courtly love re-created here go all the way back to the great mother goddess. In addition, the platonic nature attributed to these relationships is based on a misunderstanding of courtly love; undern... 
Price: $16.95
Ancient Egyptian Tantric Yoga: The Art Of Sex Sublimination & Universal Consciousness
Author: Ashby, Muata Abhaya

Item #: 9781884564031
Description: SACRED SEXUALITY: EGYPTIAN TANTRA YOGA -The Art of Sex Sublimation and Universal Consciousness This Volume will expand on the male and female principles within the human body and in the universe and further detail the sublimation of sexual energy int... 
Price: $22.95
Tantric Sex Deck: 50 Paths To Sacred Sex & Lasting Love
Author: Macleod, Don & Macleod, Debra

Item #: 9780811864220
Price: $14.95
Meeting The Great Bliss Queen: Buddhists, Feminists & The Art Of The Self
Author: Klein, Anne C

Item #: 9781559392914
Price: $18.95
Spiritual Sex
Author: Pauli, Michelle

Item #: 9781840724158
Price: $9.95
Everything Tantric Sex Book: Learn Meditative, Spontaneous & Intimate Lovemaking!
Author: Dempsey, Bobbi

Item #: 9781598693263
Price: $14.95

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