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Miscellaneous Meditation and Prayer

Miscellaneous Meditation and Prayer
Astrology And Meditation - The Fearless Contemplation Of Change
Author: Bogart, Greg

Item #: 9781902405124
Description: Astrology and meditation represent powerful knowledge in their own right; the author, an experienced counsellor and committed yoga practitioner, combines them in this book to show how even the most troublesome transits can bring enlightenment and rel... 
Price: $20.00
Writing Begins With The Breath - Embodying Your Authentic Voice
Author: Herring, Laraine

Item #: 9781590304730
Description: Binding Type: Quality208 Pages 
Price: $16.95
Knitting Way: A Guide To Spiritual Self-discovery (o)
Author: Skolnik, Linda

Item #: 9781594730795
Price: $16.99
How To Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras And Breath (book Only)
Author: Chernin, Dennis K

Item #: 9780971455801
Description: Chernin is a physician who meditates and has used meditation and breathing techniques in his medical practice for years. This book describes the theory, philosophy and science of meditation, reviews the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benef... 
Price: $14.99
Seven Steps To Effective Prayer: A Manual & Workbook For Affirmative Prayer
Author: Gray, Peter C

Item #: 9780972018708
Price: $14.00
9 Inner Jewels: Life Changing Meditations For Finding Your Soul's Purpose
Author: Campbell, Kellyna

Item #: 9780974322704
Price: $12.95
Little Book Of Peace Of Mind
Author: Jeffers, Susan

Item #: 9780974577654
Description: Based on Jeffers's best-selling End the Struggle and Dance with Life, this inspirational little book is filled with valuable insights to help you feel calmer, more in control and excited about life. Read it often to help you maintain a joyful sense... 
Price: $5.95
House Blessings: Prayers, Poems & Toasts Celebrating Home & Family (h)
Author: Cotner, June

Item #: 9780974848600
Price: $15.95
Living From The Inside Out: How To Get To The Heart Of Everything That Matters (h)
Author: Hamel, Jean-Marie

Item #: 9781400052745
Description: We spend so much time putting the pieces of our lives into place - the right job, home and relationship - that we often find ourselves governed by a carefully crafted lifestyle rather than living an authentic life. This book turns spiritual principle... 
Price: $22.00
Arriving At Your Own Door: 108 Lessons In Mindfulness
Author: Kabat-Zinn, Jon

Item #: 9781401303617
Description: Our world is continuously being shaped by our participation in everything around us. How we carry ourselves will determine the direction the world takes, because in a very real way, we are the world we inhabit. Mindfulness opens us up to the possibil... 
Price: $12.95
Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation In Everyday Life
Author: Kabat-Zinn, Jon

Item #: 9781401307783
Description: Re-released on its tenth anniversary of publication, this book presents meditation as a natural activity that can be practiced anytime and anywhere, without props or trappings. 
Price: $15.99
Staying On The Path (reissue)
Author: Dyer, Wayne W

Item #: 9781401903497
Description: The wit and wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer are reflected in this extraordinary collection of inspirational quotes and observations. Whether you're already "on the path" or just doing your best to get there, this book will give you the impetus to keep movin... 
Price: $8.95
Meditation Bible: The Definitive Guide To Meditations For Every Purpose
Author: Gauding, Madonna

Item #: 9781402728433
Description: Calm and center; cultivate mindfulness in everyday activities; heal physical and emotional ailments; increase love and compassion; end addictions; work with dreams; and deepen your connection with the Divine, all through meditation. This guide offers... 
Price: $14.95
Reading The Language Of The Cosmos: Your Astrological & Energy Almanac Including Ancient Celebrations & Remembrances--includes 2008 Daily Moon Calendar With Lunar Phases
Author: Stirling, Sheila Z

Item #: 9780977889136
Price: $15.00
Tranceformers: Shamans Of The 21st Century
Author: Harper, John J & Lipton, Bruce

Item #: 9780977790401
Description: Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century is the true story of this author's contact with a "dead" optics physicist colleague and the telepathic communication that sent him searching for scientific answers to his spiritual questions. Harper draws fr... 
Price: $23.95
Art Of Meditation: Eight Steps Towards Freedom
Author: Najemy, Robert Elias

Item #: 9780971011687
Price: $15.99
Living In The Presence Of God: Love's Simple Path
Author: Allan, John

Item #: 9780964384071
Price: $12.00
Practicing The Presence: A Course In Meditation--book One (o)
Author: Pritscher, Tom

Item #: 9780964816510
Description: Book Description This book offers a complete course in meditation. If you are interested in learning a unique method of me... 
Price: $19.95
Talking To God: Portrait Of A World At Prayer (h)
Author: Gattuso, John & Tickle, Phyllis & Smith, Huston

Item #: 9780965633833
Price: $39.95
Beckoning Song Of Your Soul: A Guidebook For Developing Your Intuition
Author: Marie, Nancy

Item #: 9780966041804
Description: The author, Nancy Marie , November 6, 1998 About the Author I never intended to become a writer, it... 
Price: $18.00
Offbeat Prayers For The Modern Mystic: Making Life Easier Through Innovative Prayer
Author: Gillis, Anne Sermons

Item #: 9780966287400
Description: Offbeat Prayers is the spiritual equivalent of your favorite old T shirt. Its contents wrap up the reader in a sigh of comfort and familiarity and dispenses a dose of eclectic, original prayer.Typical of Gillis' approach is a creative revision of... 
Price: $14.95
Pathways To Inner Peace: Life-saving Processes For Healing Heart, Mind, Soul
Author: Webb, James

Item #: 9780966327717
Description: Book Description Pathways to Inner Peace provides practical, useful tools for healing and transforming your life. Pathways... 
Price: $14.95
Hearts On Fire: The Tao Of Meditation, The Birth Of Quantum Psychology
Author: Wolinsky, Stephen

Item #: 9780967036281
Price: $14.95
Vision Walk: Asking Questions, Getting Answers, Shifting Consciousness
Author: Morgan, Brandt

Item #: 9780976763147
Price: $15.95
Secrets Of The Lost Mode Of Prayer: The Hidden Power Of Beauty, Blessing, Wisdom & Hurt (h)
Author: Braden, Gregg

Item #: 9781401906832
Description: For over 20 years, Braden searched for evidence of a forgotten form of prayer that was lost to the West following the biblical edits of the early Christian Church - which he found and documented still in use in the remote monasteries of central Tibet... 
Price: $14.95
Perfect Peace: Jesus' Way To Attain Peace
Author: Ellen, Virginia

Item #: 9780970558244
Description: In a world torn by wars that are fueled by world powers Perfect Peace: Jesus' Way to Attain Peace comes as a timely book bringing hope to a confused humanity. Author, Virginia Ellen brings readers never-before-revealed teachings from Jesus, The Prin... 
Price: $15.95
First You Sigh: Toning In Meditation--creating The...gateway To Wonders Of The Universal Mind
Author: Johnson, Beth

Item #: 9780970833006
Description: This mysteriously compelling, delightfully friendly, and profoundly important book encourages seekers to go within to find their Sacred Ground. The reader will truly experience this author's story about how she awakened her inner voice and subsequent... 
Price: $14.95
Get Centered: Meditations & Divinations To Calm Your Soul (f)
Author: Altman, Nathaniel & Knight, Sirona

Item #: 9781402729454
Price: $9.95
Earth Bound: Daily Meditations For All Seasons
Author: Nelson, Brian

Item #: 9781558964655
Price: $15.00
Listening - How To Increase Awareness Of Your Inner Guide
Author: Coit, Lee

Item #: 9781561704002
Description: Lee says the "Source of Truth" is as close to us as our wondering--as close as our own thoughts. Within these pages, he provides criteria for the recognition of our own holiness, helping us to bypass the "static" and the babble that buzz through our ... 
Price: $9.95

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