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Miscellaneous Meditation and Prayer

Miscellaneous Meditation and Prayer
Experience Of Meditation: Experts Introduce The Major Traditions
Author: Shear, Jonathan

Item #: 9781557788573
Price: $19.95
Hurry Up And Meditate
Author: Michie, David

Item #: 9781559393065
Description: This entertaining and thought-provoking book explains the nuts and bolts of meditation. As a busy professional as well as a long-term meditator, Michie gives firsthand advice for integrating this transformational practice into everyday life. Combinin... 
Price: $14.95
Life Without A Centre: Awakening From The Dream Of Separation
Author: Foster, Jeff

Item #: 9780955399909
Description: In a contemporary, refreshing and lucid style, and using various literary techniques, this book cuts through much of the confusion and frustration surrounding the search for spiritual enlightenment, and points back time and time again to the utterly ... 
Price: $13.95
Prayers For Hope And Comfort: Reflections, Meditations & Inspirations
Author: Shannon, Maggie Oman

Item #: 9781573243193
Price: $15.95
Happiness Trap: How To Stop Struggling & Start Living
Author: Harris, Russ

Item #: 9781590305843
Price: $14.95
New Seeds Of Contemplation (q) (new Edition)
Author: Merton, Thomas & Kidd, Sue Monk

Item #: 9780811217248
Description: One of the best-loved books by one of the great spiritual authors of our time, with a new Introduction by best-selling author Sue Monk Kidd. "New Seeds of Contemplation" is one of Thomas Merton's most widely read and best-loved books. Christians and ... 
Price: $15.95
Serenity: Simple Steps For Recovering Peace Of Mind, Real Happiness & Great Relationships
Author: Nelsen, Jane

Item #: 9781573243544
Price: $14.95
Prayer: How To Pray Effectively From "the Science Of Mind"
Author: Holmes, Ernest

Item #: 9781585426058
Description: Combining the most essential principles of prayer with the dozens of prayers and meditations from Ernest Holmes's classic text The Science of Mind, this new book is a simple introduction for anyone who wants to learn how to pray effectively. "What do... 
Price: $10.00
Catching The Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness & Creativity (q)
Author: Lynch, David

Item #: 9781585426126
Description: "Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you've got to go deeper."Internationally acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch describes his personal methods of capturing and... 
Price: $12.95
Working With Meditation: Practical Ways Of Healing & Transforming Your Life
Author: Gauding, Madonna

Item #: 9781841813264
Price: $12.95
Findhorn Book Of Meditation
Author: Main, Darren John

Item #: 9781844090051
Description: In an easy to understand, fun, and attainable way, this book explores the universal practice of meditation and addresses many contemporary concerns. 
Price: $9.95
Meditation To Go
Author: Rodenbeck, Christina

Item #: 9781856752961
Price: $9.95
Prayers: A Communion With Our Creator
Author: Ruiz, Don Miguel

Item #: 9781878424525
Description: Prayer fulfills our need for God, for inspiration, for affirmation, says the author of The Four Agreements. In prayer we communicate with the essence of everything that exists, including our own essence. To pray is an act of power because it is an ag... 
Price: $12.95
Verses And Meditations
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855841970
Price: $22.00
Meditating With Mandalas: 52 New Mandalas To Help You Grow In Peace & Awareness
Author: Fontana, David

Item #: 9781844831173
Description: Mandalas are highly decorative, symmetrical diagrams used as a focal point in meditation. Using fresh interpretations of traditional symbolism, the 52 beautiful mandalas in this book are specially devised for modern minds and are completely accessibl... 
Price: $17.95
Blake's Songs Of Innocence And Experience (h)
Author: Blake, William

Item #: 9781854377296
Price: $17.95
Prayers For Parents And Children
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855840362
Price: $15.00
Meditation: Easy Techniques To Help You Relax & Focus (h)
Author: Purser, Jan

Item #: 9781863026789
Price: $14.00
Oneworld Book Of Prayer: A Treasury Of Prayers From Around The World
Author: Mabey, Juliet

Item #: 9781851686186
Description: This exquisite gift book is a unique compendium of prayers from around the world, drawn from the major international and indigenous religious traditions. For adoration, imploring or thanksgiving, at morning or evening, for birth, marriage and other l... 
Price: $14.95
Heart Of Peace: Meditations For Courage & Tranquility (h)
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855841321
Price: $17.95
Breathing The Spirit: Meditations For Times Of Day & Seasons Of The Year (h)
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855841420
Price: $19.95
Foundation Stone Meditation
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855841734
Price: $10.00
Prayers (spanish Edition: Oraciones)
Author: Ruiz, Don Miguel

Item #: 9781878424709
Description: Prayer fulfills our need for God, for inspiration, for affirmation, says the author of The Four Agreements. In prayer we communicate with the essence of everything that exists, including our own essence. To pray is an act of power because it is an ag... 
Price: $11.95
Smile For No Good Reason: Simple Things You Can Do To Get Happy Now (new Edition)
Author: Jampolsky, Lee

Item #: 9781571745743
Description: Building on the pioneering work of his father, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, the author shows how Attitudinal Healing will give readers the happiness they seek, without changing their bank account, spouse, job, status, or religion. The only thing they have t... 
Price: $14.95
Touching The Breath Of Gaia: 59 Foundation Stones For A Peaceful Civilisation
Author: Pogacnik, Marko

Item #: 9781844090976
Description: What the Earth chiefly needs to survive is conscious human cooperation beyond the material realm. This unique interactive guide describes how to communicate with Gaia herself and become her hands, allowing her to use her vast resources to save all he... 
Price: $19.95
Complete Idiot's Guide To Mindfulness
Author: Ihnen, Annie & Flynn, Carolyn

Item #: 9781592577675
Price: $14.95
Practicing Conscious Living And Dying: Stories Of The Eternal Continuum Of Consciousness
Author: Hemingway, Annamaria

Item #: 9781846940774
Price: $24.95
Little Altars For Spirituality: Creating Personal Spaces In Your Home For Positive & Peaceful Energy (o)
Author: DeWinter, Josephine

Item #: 9781844761838
Description: This oversize paperback explains how to create a home altar - a place of beauty, peace and sancity in your own space, where the spiritual world can reach into and touch the world you live in every day. 
Price: $8.99
Meditation: Simple Steps To Peace, Well-being & Contentment
Author: Hudson, John

Item #: 9781844764402
Price: $9.99
Working On Yourself Alone: Inner Dreambody Work (14 B+w Photos)
Author: Mindell, Arnold

Item #: 9781887078696
Price: $13.95

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