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Miscellaneous Meditation and Prayer

Miscellaneous Meditation and Prayer
Art Of Meditation
Author: Vallyon, Imre

Item #: 9780909038564
Description: Binding Type: Quality98 Pages 
Price: $11.95
Call Forth A Blessing - Prayers For Everyday Living
Author: Smith, Jane

Item #: 9780978533472
Description: Binding Type: Quality96 Pages 
Price: $8.95
Chant Made Simple
Author: Fowells, Robert

Item #: 9781557255297
Description: Binding Type: Quality96 Pages 
Price: $16.95
Meditation - The Complete Guide--Techniques From East & West To Calm The Mind, Heal The Body & Enrich The Spirit (New Edition)
Author: Monaghan, Patricia; Viereck, Eleanor

Item #: 9781608680474
Description: Binding Type: Quality384 Pages 
Price: $17.95
Mindfulness Code - Keys Of Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, Fear & Unhappiness
Author: Altman, Donald

Item #: 9781577318934
Description: Binding Type: Quality272 Pages 
Price: $14.95
Laughter, Tears, Silence - Expressive Meditations To Calm Your Mind & Open Your Heart
Author: Dove, Pragito

Item #: 9781577316831
Description: Binding Type: Quality232 Pages 
Price: $14.95
Presence Process - A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness (2Nd Edition)
Author: Brown, Michael

Item #: 9781897238462
Description: Binding Type: Quality370 Pages 
Price: $19.95
You Have The Right To Remain Silent - Bringing Meditation To Life
Author: Lewis, Rick

Item #: 9781890772239
Description: Binding Type: Quality 
Price: $14.95
Inner Tranquility - A Guide To Seated Meditation
Author: Main, Darren

Item #: 9781844095032
Description: Binding Type: Quality160 Pages 
Price: $12.95
Bowing - A Moving Meditation For Personal Transformation - Hardcover -
Author: Dahn Yoga Education

Item #: 9781935127444
Description: Binding Type: Hardcover120 Pages 
Price: $17.95
Prayer for Beginners - Discovering the Language of Your Soul
Author: Webster, Richard

Item #: 9780738715384
Description: An uplifting guide to powerful prayerThe simple act of prayer can give you courage and strength in challenging times, provide answers to life's questions, help you foster a personal connection to a higher power, and fill your heart wit... 
Price: $14.95
Every Garden Is A Story: Stories, Crafts & Comforts From The Garden (h)
Author: Seton, Susannah

Item #: 9781573243186
Price: $16.95
Fifth Dimension
Author: Alder, V

Item #: 9781578631650
Description: From Weiser and the author of Finding of the Third Eye, here is another reissue of a classic text. Alder's life was transformed during World War II by a series of extraordinary etheric journeys and visions of spiritual truth and human evolution, acco... 
Price: $16.95
Book Of Awakening - Having The Life You Want By Being Present To The Life You Have
Author: Nepo, Mark

Item #: 9781573241175
Description: Mark Nepo, a cancer survivor, poet, and philosopher, urges readers to stay vital and in love with this life, no matter what the hardships. He issues a summons to reclaim the excitement of daily life, savor its beauty, and liberate the self--one day a... 
Price: $18.95
Luminous Mind - The Essential Guide To Meditation & Mind Fitness
Author: Levey, Joel; Levey, Michelle; Borysenko, Joan

Item #: 9781573242967
Description: Binding Type: Quality272 Pages 
Price: $14.95
For Praying Out Loud
Author: Foerster, Annie L.

Item #: 9781558964501
Description: A helpful volume for clergy or lay people participating in interfaith worship, and for those who want to be able to write meaningful public prayers of their own. The first three sections focus on addressing the holy, creating sacred space with prayer... 
Price: $15.00
Sacred Compass: The Way Of Spiritual Discernment (h)
Author: Bill, J Brent

Item #: 9781557255594
Price: $19.95
Minestrone For The Mind: Awakening To Mindfulness--10 Steps For Positive Change
Author: Fields, Richard

Item #: 9780757306686
Price: $14.95
Complete Idiot's Guide To Rumi Meditations
Author: Emerick, Yahiya

Item #: 9781592577361
Description: Discover moving meditation with one of today's top-selling poets! Rumi was a 13th-century Sufi theologian and poet who spoke of love, unity with God, and spiritual growth. Rumi and his followers, known as the Whirling Dervishes, employed music, poetr... 
Price: $14.95
To Bless The Space Between Us: A Book Of Invocations & Blessings (h)
Author: O'Donohue, John

Item #: 9780385522274
Description: From the author of the best-selling Anam Cara comes a beautiful collection of blessings to help readers through both the everyday and the extraordinary events of their lives. O'Donohue, an Irish teacher and poet, has been widely praised for his gift ... 
Price: $22.95
Dismantling Discontent: Buddha's Way Through Darwin's World (q)
Author: Fisher, Charles

Item #: 9781600700323
Description: Fisher offers a provocative perspective on our existential suffering from the metaphorical viewpoints of Darwin and Buddha, synthesizing their two approaches - science and meditation, both rooted in the natural world - into a powerful union. Grounded... 
Price: $16.95
Meditation Week By Week: 52 Meditations To Help You Grow In Peace & Awareness (new Edition)
Author: Fontana, David

Item #: 9781844834068
Price: $9.95
Happiness Now! Timeless Wisdom For Feeling Good Fast
Author: Holden, Robert

Item #: 9781401920395
Description: The potential for happiness is available to us always - and NOW! In this book, the director of The Happiness Project presents a warm, personal and entertaining account of how he developed his pioneering work. Using a creative mix of stories, exercis... 
Price: $14.95
Meditation Bliss: Inspirational Techniques For Finding Calm
Author: Fontana, David

Item #: 9781844834815
Description: Whether you're struggling with stress or simply want to get in touch with your inner self, Fontana's expert guidance can help you to discover peace and contentment. With ten-minute meditations for everyday use as well as longer meditations to try on ... 
Price: $9.95
Slow Up: 199 Ways To Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body & Inspire Your Spirit
Author: Allardice, Pamela

Item #: 9781741146226
Price: $15.95
Peaceful Spaces: Transform Your Home Into A Haven Of Calm & Tranquility
Author: Whately, Alice

Item #: 9781841729923
Price: $12.95
Prayers To The Great Creator: Prayers & Declarations For A Meaningful Life (h)
Author: Cameron, Julia

Item #: 9781585426829
Description: According to Julia Cameron, if we fully embrace the notion that we are a part of a larger whole that is holding us in its benevolent and protective view, we will come to discover a peace we have never known. This special offering from the author of t... 
Price: $24.95
Praying In Color Journal (s)
Author: MacBeth, Sybil

Item #: 9781557256188
Price: $14.95
Quiet Mind, Open Heart: Finding Inner Peace Through Reflection, Journaling & Meditation
Author: Wright, Laura

Item #: 9780978775766
Price: $15.95
Experience Of Meditation: Experts Introduce The Major Traditions
Author: Shear, Jonathan

Item #: 9781557788573
Price: $19.95

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