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Folklore and Fairytales

Folklore and Fairytales
1001 Things To Spot In Fairyland (ages 6+up) (h)
Author: Usborne Books

Item #: 9780794512200
Price: $9.99
Fairy Things To Stitch And Sew (ages 6+up) (o)
Author: Usborne Books

Item #: 9780794512354
Price: $6.99
Wisdom Tales From Around The World (ages 9-12) (illustrated By David Boston) (o)
Author: Forest, Heather

Item #: 9780874834796
Price: $17.95
Chaos Clock
Author: Arbuthnott, Gill

Item #: 9780863154225
Price: $10.00
Little Wizard (ages 9+up) (illustrated By The Author) (h)
Author: Bergsma, Jody

Item #: 9780935699197
Description: This second book in the DragonFire Series follows the adventures of Kevin, a young boy who sets out on a perilous quest to save his mother's life. Accompanied by his dancing cat and an endearing dragon, the boy happens upon a wizard's cloak, which he... 
Price: $15.95
Solstice Evergreen: History, Folklore And Origins Of The Christmas Tree (o)
Author: Karas, Sheryl

Item #: 9780944031261
Description: Why do over 40 million Americans decorate Christmas Trees? Few of us know the origins and spiritual significance of the annual ritual they perform. With depth and detail this revised and expanded second edition of reveals even more hidden meanings of... 
Price: $14.95
Wings Of Change (ages 3+up) (illustrated By Aries Cheung) (h)
Author: Hill, Franklin

Item #: 9780935699180
Description: Wings of Change is the story of Anew, a contented little caterpillar who resists his approaching transformation into a butterfly. Follow along as he goes through the process of learning how to release his fears. Helping to create a positive attitude ... 
Price: $15.95
Fairyland Jigsaw Book (ages 5+up) (h)
Author: Usborne Books

Item #: 9780794514303
Price: $14.99
Dragon (ages 9+up) (illustrated By The Author) (h)
Author: Bergsma, Jody

Item #: 9780935699173
Description: Prince Langilor is born in the Kingdom of Lugin, and at the same time, a dragon is hatched in the Dark Forest. The Prince is a kind, gentle youth, but the fire-breathing dragon brings only destruction and terror. To prove his worthiness to be the fut... 
Price: $15.95
Favourite Tales From Hans Christian Anderson (h)
Author: Archipova, Anastasiya

Item #: 9780863153471
Price: $24.95
Peace Tales: World Folktales To Talk About
Author: MacDonald, Margaret Read

Item #: 9780874837834
Description: MacDonald has gathered over three dozen folktales and proverbs from across the globe that illustrate the choices we all make between peace and war - like the monkeys who follow their leader into water that's too deep. Fun to read and "tell," these st... 
Price: $14.95
Key Of The Kingdom: A Book Of Stories & Poems For Children
Author: Gmeyner, E

Item #: 9780880105491
Price: $15.00
Sleeping Beauty: A Grimm's Fairy Tale (h)
Author: Muller, Martina

Item #: 9780863153426
Price: $14.95
Chaos Quest
Author: Arbuthnott, Gill

Item #: 9780863154591
Price: $10.00
Swedish Folk Tales (ages 7-10) (illustrated By The Author) (h)
Author: Bauer, John

Item #: 9780863154577
Price: $28.00
Rackham's Fairy Tale Coloring Book (o)
Author: Rackham, Arthur

Item #: 9780486238449
Description: Card catalog description Presents 17 fairy tales accompanied by illustrations to be colored. ... 
Price: $3.95
Rainbow Goblins (ages 5+up) (h) (reissue)
Author: DeRico, Ul

Item #: 9780500277591
Description: Synopsis Since its first publication more than 15 years ago, the fantastic colors, amazing detail, and sweeping s... 
Price: $19.95
Horses Of Myth (ages 8+up) (illustrated By Robert Florczak) (h)
Author: Hausman, Gerald & Hausman, Loretta

Item #: 9780525469643
Price: $19.99
Feminist Fairy Tales (illustrated By Laurie Harden)
Author: Walker, Barbara G

Item #: 9780062513205
Description: Prominent feminist author Barbara Walker has revamped, retold, and infused with life some of your favorite classic fairy tales. No longer are women submissive, helpless creatures in need of redemption through the princely male! Instead they are vibr... 
Price: $14.95
Cupid And Psyche (all Ages) (illustrated By Kinuko Y. Craft) (h)
Author: Craft, Marie Charlotte

Item #: 9780688131630
Description: Psyche is the most beautiful woman in the world, yet the oracle at Delphi foresees she will fall in love with a creature feared even by the gods themselves. Magically, Psyche finds herself in a magnificent castle fitted with sweet music, attentive s... 
Price: $16.99
Twelve Dancing Princesses (ages 5+up) (illustrated By K.y. Craft) (o)
Author: Mayer, Marianne

Item #: 9780688143923
Description: Every night, the king locks his 12 daughters in their room. Every morning, he finds the princesses looking unearthly pale, their new dancing slippers in tatters. Can a young gardener solve the mystery without becoming bewitched himself? A graceful re... 
Price: $6.99
Flower Fairies Scented Sticker Activity Book (ages 3+up) (o)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723253594
Description: The Flower Fairies Scented Sticker Activity Book is more than just a sticker book-it's an activity book packed with fairy fun and includes ideas and suggestions for collages, pictures, recipes, puzzles, and quizzes. Best of all, it comes with a beaut... 
Price: $5.99
Flower Fairies Musical Treasure Chest (includes Two Storybooks, Stickers & Sparkly Bracelet)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723253846
Price: $12.99
Flower Fairies Friends Book And Doll (ages 3+up) (includes Book And Plush Fairy Doll)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723257097
Price: $12.99
Flower Fairies Best Friends (includes Cards, Stickers, Calendar, Etc) (h)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723257141
Description: The Flower Fairies know all about the importance of friendship, and now they want to share their secrets with you! From celebrating a friend's birthday to making your own presents, the fairies show how to make friends and cherish them. This companion... 
Price: $9.99
Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal (h)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723257240
Description: Protected and hidden by a society of fairy lovers for over 80 years, the secret fairy journal of Cicely Mary Barker is available for the first time. Learn what really happened during that magical summer of 1920 when she discovered the secret world of... 
Price: $19.99
Curious Lore Of Precious Stones
Author: Kunz, George Frederick

Item #: 9780486222271
Description: From The Publisher... 
Price: $16.95
Wandmaker's Guidebook (ages 7-10) (h)
Author: Masessa, Ed & Araujo, Paige Krul & Jankowski, Dan

Item #: 9780439862653
Description: OUT OF PRINT AND OUT OF STOCK. Become a wandmaker's apprentice! This guidebook covers every aspect of making your own wand, from the type of wood to use to the powers you can create with natural elements like sand, herbs, feathers, and more. Your pe... 
Price: $22.99
Grandfather Twilight (ages 4-8) (h)
Author: Berger, Barbara

Item #: 9780399209963
Price: $16.99
Wrinkle In Time Quintet Boxed Set (includes Five Books)
Author: L'Engle, Madeleine

Item #: 9780312373511
Price: $34.95

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