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Folklore and Fairytales

Folklore and Fairytales
Sea Queen And The Shore Witch (all Ages) (illustrated By Gail M. Nelson)
Author: Grandy, Jamie

Item #: 9780976026808
Description: The story of ten-year-old Katia's mythical journey to the bottom of the ocean to rescue her mother from the Queen of the Sea. A delightful and magical story with beautiful illustrations that will quickly become a favorite bedtime story. Created speci... 
Price: $12.99
Seven Taoist Masters: A Folk Novel Of China
Author: Wong, Eva

Item #: 9781590301760
Price: $14.95
Fairy Party Book (ages 4-9) (illustrated By Lucy Clibbon) (o)
Author: Clibbon, Meg

Item #: 9781550379143
Price: $7.95
Imagine You're A Wizard (ages 6-9) (illustrated By Lucy Clibbon)
Author: Clibbon, Meg

Item #: 9781550377927
Price: $7.95
Imagine You're A Fairy (ages 6-9) (illustrated By Lucy Clibbon)
Author: Clibbon, Meg

Item #: 9781550377422
Price: $7.95
Lady Godiva: The History Of A Legend
Author: Donoghue, Daniel

Item #: 9781405100472
Price: $19.95
Firefly And The Quest Of The Black Squirrel: The Fairy Chronicles
Author: Sweet, J H

Item #: 9781402208751
Price: $6.99
Fairy Houses...everywhere! (h)
Author: Kane, Barry & Kane, Tracy

Item #: 9780970810441
Description: Take a peek à just turn these pages and discover a world filled with whimsical habitats constructed from natural materials. The idea is to entice a fairy to stop by for a visit. From rustic dwellings to fairy mansions, these small structures a... 
Price: $14.95
Thistle And The Shell Of Laughter: The Fairy Chronicles (ages 7+up)
Author: Sweet, J H

Item #: 9781402208744
Price: $6.99
Dragonfly And The Web Of Dreams: The Fairy Chronicles (ages 7+up)
Author: Sweet, J H

Item #: 9781402208737
Description: Meet the girls of The Fairy Chronicles, otherwise normal girls who are blessed by Mother Nature with magical fairy powers. Jennifer, or Dragonfly to her fairy friends, is chosen to lead a fairy team to discover why more and more nightmares are slippi... 
Price: $6.99
Marigold And The Feather Of Hope, The Journey Begins: The Fairy Chronicles (ages 7+up)
Author: Sweet, J H

Item #: 9781402208720
Price: $6.99
Fairy Houses (ages 4-8) (h)
Author: Kane, Tracy

Item #: 9780970810458
Description: What would happen if you built a house for fairies to live in?Would they come to visit? Fascinated by the array of fairy shelters made of bark, leaves, seashells and other natural materials, Kristen sets out to build ... 
Price: $15.95
Faerie (ages 9+up) (illustrated By The Author) (h)
Author: Bergsma, Jody

Item #: 9780971711709
Description: In Nagala, land of faeries and elves, relentless storms and untold menaces threaten to destroy the elemental worlds. As a last resort, Rhiannon, Queen of the Faeries, sends her unicorn and three rainbow faeries to the neighboring land of Lugin. There... 
Price: $15.95
Legend Of The Sea Fairies (all Ages) (o)
Author: Keegan, Shannon

Item #: 9780977343300
Description: Can the Fairies of the Southern Forest escape the greedy Queen Xxilt's stronghold? Travel deep into the world of fairies - a rarely seen world of beauty and wonder - as Fairy Queen Neelah leads the way in this daring magical adventure. Richly illustr... 
Price: $8.99
Tibetan Folk Tales
Author: Hyde-Chambers, F; Hyde-Chambers, A

Item #: 9781570628924
Description: A collection of two dozen folk tales and fables reflecting the enduring wisdom, engaging humor, and intriguing culture of the people of Tibet. It includes the Tibetan myth of creation; some of the famous Jataka tales; and the most popular legend of T... 
Price: $14.95
Little Box Of Fairy Magic (kit Includes Books, Doll, Bag Of Stars, Stickers, Necklace & Body Glitter)
Author: Guard, Dominic

Item #: 9780764179242
Price: $16.99
Tales Of The Golden Corpse - Tibetan Folk Tales
Author: Benson, Sandra

Item #: 9781566566322
Description: Binding Type: Quality229 Pages 
Price: $15.00
Hildur, Queen Of The Elves - Icelandic Folk Tales
Author: Bedell, J M

Item #: 9781566566339
Description: Binding Type: Quality267 Pages 
Price: $15.00
Fairies: Sticker Dolly Dressing (ages 4+up) (o)
Author: Usborne Books

Item #: 9780794513917
Price: $8.99
Myths And Legends (ages 6+up) (h)
Author: Edwards, Linda

Item #: 9780794514518
Price: $22.99
Stories Of Dragons (ages 6+up) (h)
Author: Doherty, Gillian & Edwards, Linda

Item #: 9780794514655
Price: $16.99
Chronicles Of Prydain Boxed Set (includes Five Books)
Author: Alexander, Lloyd

Item #: 9780805082746
Description: Millions of young readers have been enthralled by the adventures of Taran the Assistant Pig-Keeper and his lively companions as they journey through the magical land of Prydain. First published over 30 years ago and available in 20 different language... 
Price: $29.95
Swan Maiden (ages 12+up) (h)
Author: Tomlinson, Heather

Item #: 9780805082753
Price: $17.95
Discovering American Folklore: Essays On Folk Culture & The Pennsylvania Dutch
Author: Yoder, Don

Item #: 9780811727433
Price: $16.95
Unwitting Wisdom: An Anthology Of Aesop's Fables (ages 2-5) (illustrated By The Author) (h)
Author: Ward, Helen

Item #: 9780811844505
Description: For over 2,500 years the Fables of Aesop have entertained generations of children and adults alike, while their practical lessons have seeped into the very fabric of our language, with expressions like "sour grapes" and "a wolf in sheep's clothing" a... 
Price: $18.95
Good Night, Fairies (ages 4-8) (o)
Author: Hague, Kathleen

Item #: 9780811857628
Price: $6.99
Secret Life Of Fairies (ages 4-6) (includes Petal Bonnet, Lift-the-flap Surprises & Glitter Stickers) (h)
Author: Yoon, Salina

Item #: 9780843124880
Price: $8.99
Loom Of Time (the): A Selection Of His Plays & Poems
Author: Kalidasa & Rajan, Chandra

Item #: 9780140455212
Price: $12.00
Big Book Of Fairy Things To Make And Do (ages 6+up) (o)
Author: Usborne Books

Item #: 9780794513542
Price: $14.99
Stories Of Fairies (ages 7+up) (h)
Author: Lester, Anna & Gower, Teri

Item #: 9780794513269
Price: $8.99

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