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Folklore and Fairytales

Folklore and Fairytales
Enchanted World: Witches (ages 3+up) (h)
Author: Wickings, Ruth

Item #: 9781845600327
Price: $9.95
Flower Fairies Of The Spring (ages 3+up) (h)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723259923
Price: $6.99
Quest For The Dragon Stone: A Duncan Family Adventure (ages 8-12) (h)
Author: Blackford, Ami

Item #: 9781601080080
Description: Ever since their father mysteriously disappeared on a secret expedition, Ruth and David Duncan have been obsessed with finding him. Their dangerous journey takes them into a magical realm, where they must nurse sick dragons, chase gryphons, track an ... 
Price: $18.95
Somerset Cider Folklore And Customs
Author: Dathen, Jon

Item #: 9781861632500
Description: In the western counties of England, and in Somerset in particular, cider was, and for many still is, an integral part of the rural way of life. Over the centuries, folklore and customs have become entwined with the growing of apple trees, the harvest... 
Price: $19.95
Zombies: A Field Guide To The Walking Dead
Author: Curran, Bob & Daniels, Ian

Item #: 9781601630223
Description: In the myths, legends, and folklore of many peoples, the returning, physical dead play a significant role, whether they are the zombies of Haiti or the draugr of Scandinavia. But what are the origins of an actual bodily return from the grave? Does it... 
Price: $14.99
Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth & Symbol (h)
Author: Delyth, Jen

Item #: 9781602371163
Description: Welsh artist Jen Delyth is one of the most highly respected contemporary Celtic artists in the world. Her debut book, Celtic Folk-Soul, illuminates the beauty, power and spirit of nature expressed through the ancient language of Celtic art and symbol... 
Price: $17.50
Girls' Book Of Flower Fairies (all Ages) (h)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723262732
Price: $20.00
Dragons: Truth, Myth & Legend (o)
Author: Passes, David & Anderson, Wayne

Item #: 9781844584765
Price: $9.99
Stories From South Uist (translated By John Lome Campbell)
Author: MacLellan, Angus

Item #: 9781874744269
Description: This collection of forty-two stories covers every type of tale found on the island of South Uist, including heroic Fingalian stories, international folktales, ghost stories, and local historical and humorous anecdotes. These tales of ancient kings, t... 
Price: $15.00
Panchatantra: A Vivid Retelling Of India's Most Famous Collection Of Fables
Author: Dharma

Item #: 9781887089456
Description: Pancha Tantra, India's famous collection of fables has enthralled audiences for centuries. Full of humor, wit, and wisdom, they combine artfully to convey basic life lessons. These stories, originally told by a sage to three young princes, show that ... 
Price: $12.95
Year Of The Dog: Tales From The Chinese Zodiac (all Ages) (illustrated By Jeremiah Alcorn) (h)
Author: Chin, Oliver

Item #: 9781597020022
Price: $15.95
Enchanted World: Wizards (ages 3+up) (h)
Author: Wickings, Ruth

Item #: 9781845600334
Price: $9.95
Fairy Things To Make And Do (ages 6+up) (o)
Author: Gilpin, Rebecca

Item #: 9780794505769
Price: $6.95
Tales And Legends Of The Irish Peasantry
Author: Lover, Samuel

Item #: 9781845881993
Price: $9.95
Now I Am A Fairy (ages 4-10) (h)
Author: No Specific Author

Item #: 9781845974985
Price: $14.95
Flower Fairy Alphabet (all Ages) (h) (new Edition)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723263555
Description: A deluxe addition to the Flower Fairies classics, complete with all of Cicely Mary Barker's original poems and illustrations. She re-creates the beauty of nature through her art and drawings from life with botanical accuracy and exquisite watercolors... 
Price: $6.99
Hindu Folk Tales From Ancient Ceylon
Author: DeRuiter, Dick

Item #: 9789074597876
Price: $18.95
Flower Fairies Of The Winter (all Ages) (h) (new Edition)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723263524
Description: A deluxe addition to the Flower Fairies classics, complete with all of Cicely Mary Barker's original poems and illustrations. She re-creates the beauty of nature through her art and drawings from life with botanical accuracy and exquisite watercolors... 
Price: $6.99
Portrait Of A Priestess: Women & Ritual In Ancient Greece (q)
Author: Connelly, Joan Breton

Item #: 9780691143842
Price: $35.00
Fertility Goddesses, Groundhog Bellies And The Coca-cola Company: The Origins Of Modern Holidays
Author: Kalapos, Gabriella

Item #: 9781897178140
Price: $16.95
Neverending Story (the)
Author: Ende, Michael & Quadflieg, Roswitha

Item #: 9780614287264
Price: $19.99
Cassell Dictionary Of Folklore
Author: Pickering, David

Item #: 9780304347865
Price: $15.98
Fairy Fashion (coloring Book) (ages 9-12) (o) (minimum Order = 3)
Author: Altmann, Scott

Item #: 9780486466842
Price: $3.99
Little Red Riding Hood (o)
Author: DeLisa, Patricia

Item #: 9780880105644
Price: $11.95
Practical Guide To Faeries (h)
Author: Morris, Susan

Item #: 9780786951406
Description: Step inside the secret world of faeries. You can't get there on purpose. You won't find it on any map. And you can't take the same road there twice. But the world of faeries is very real - from the underground workshop where brownies craft toys to th... 
Price: $12.95
Flower Fairies Magical Doors: Discover The Doors To Fairyland (ages 6-8) (h)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723263517
Description: What happens when a little girl moves into a new house and discovers a tiny door? One day she manages to open it . . . and her world is forever changed when she gets her first peek at the homes and the magical world of the Flower Fairies. As she star... 
Price: $18.99
Author: Nicholson, Mike

Item #: 9780863156687
Price: $11.95
Tales Of The Dancing Dragon: Stories Of The Tao
Author: Wong, Eva

Item #: 9781590305232
Price: $14.00
Sea Queen And The Shore Witch (all Ages) (illustrated By Gail M. Nelson)
Author: Grandy, Jamie

Item #: 9780976026808
Description: The story of ten-year-old Katia's mythical journey to the bottom of the ocean to rescue her mother from the Queen of the Sea. A delightful and magical story with beautiful illustrations that will quickly become a favorite bedtime story. Created speci... 
Price: $12.99
Seven Taoist Masters: A Folk Novel Of China
Author: Wong, Eva

Item #: 9781590301760
Price: $14.95

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