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Folklore and Fairytales

Folklore and Fairytales
Big Book Of Fairies (Ages 8+Up) - Hardcover -
Author: Despeyroux, Denise; Ruano, Sara

Item #: 9781402770302
Description: Binding Type: Hardcover112 Pages 
Price: $12.95
Willow's Underwater World: A Flower Fairies Friends Chapter Book (ages 7+up)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723259527
Price: $3.99
Wizard: Fun Things To Make & Do (s)
Author: Priddy, Roger

Item #: 9780312502331
Price: $12.95
Secrets Of The Fairy Ring Activity Kit (includes Three Fairy Figurines & 48-page Book) (ages 6-10)
Author: Guard, Dominic

Item #: 9780764161179
Price: $19.99
How To Love A Unicorn (ages 3-6) (h)
Author: Apperley, Dawn

Item #: 9780764161223
Description: Princess Rosebud is back in this book for little girls, telling her readers all about her delightful unicorn, Snow White. Here's the story of what happens when she and her unicorn are invited to take part in the Unicorn of the Year Show, told in a se... 
Price: $14.99
Hex Signs: Tips, Tools & Techniques For Learning The Craft (h)
Author: Hoyt, Ivan E

Item #: 9780811703222
Price: $24.95
Fairy Tree House (includes 3-d Card Stock Tree House, Envelope W/10 Die-cut Cards & 24-page Booklet)
Author: Pirotta, Saviour & Lockheart, Susanna

Item #: 9780811864312
Price: $19.99
Discovering Folklore Of Birds And Beasts
Author: Newall, Venetia

Item #: 9780852631263
Price: $11.95
Hut In The Forest (ages 5-8) (h)
Author: Grimm, Jacob & Grimm, Wilhelm & Stietencron, Bettina

Item #: 9780863156151
Price: $17.95
Fairy Foals: The Journal Of A Magical Garden (ages 4+up) (h)
Author: Suzanah

Item #: 9781402211669
Price: $19.95
Fairyspotters Guide (ages 7-9) (h)
Author: Magic Meg & Loveheart, Lucy

Item #: 9781840892970
Description: Enchanting descriptions and images abound between the glittered covers of this whimsical guide to discovering fairies in everyday places. Different types of fairies - Fairy Queens, Flower Fairies, Tinkerbelles, Angelicas and more - are delightfully i... 
Price: $5.95
Barefoot Book Of Fairy Tales (all Ages) (illustrated By Nicoletta Ceccoli) (h)
Author: Doyle, Malachy

Item #: 9781841487984
Description: Journey to magical and memorable lands with this long-awaited anthology of classic fairy tales from cultures around the world. This exquisite collection is filled with fantasy and adventure; a must-have for the holiday season. 
Price: $19.99
Fiesta Femenina (ages 8+up) (illustrated By Maya Christina Gonzalez) (o)
Author: Gerson, Mary-Joan

Item #: 9781841488073
Description: Drawing from Mexico's rich cultural heritage, storyteller Mary-Joan Gerson celebrates the courage and resilience of the feminine spirit through the stories of seven extraordinary Mexican women. Maya Christina Gonzalez uses radiant colors in a style r... 
Price: $12.99
Scottish Traditional Tales
Author: Bruford, A J & MacDonald, D A

Item #: 9781841582641
Price: $20.00
Field Guide To Luck: How To Use & Interpret Charms, Signs & Superstitions
Author: Yablon, Alys

Item #: 9781594742170
Price: $15.95
Enchanted World: Mermaids (ages 3+up) (h)
Author: Wickings, Ruth

Item #: 9781845600310
Price: $9.95
Fairies: Fun Things To Make & Do (s)
Author: Priddy, Roger

Item #: 9780312502348
Price: $12.95
Secret History Of Giants (ages 8+up) (h)
Author: Berk, Ari & Anderson, Wayne & Carrel, Douglas & Chalk, Gary & Levell, Kevin & MacDougall, Larry

Item #: 9780763640477
Price: $16.99
Jasmine's Starry Night: A Flower Fairies Friends Chapter Book (ages 7+up)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723259220
Price: $3.99
Flower Fairies Of The Garden (ages 3+up) (h) (new Edition)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723259930
Description: First published in the 1920s, Cicely Mary Barkeras original Flower Fairies books have been loved for generations. Like the pre-Raphaelite painters whom she so admired, Barker believed in re-creating the beauty of nature in art and drawing from life.... 
Price: $6.99
Amar, The Earth-fairy (ages 3+up) (h)
Author: Lindner, Simone & Unzner, Christa

Item #: 9780698400726
Price: $9.99
Runia, The Fire Fairy (ages 4+up) (h)
Author: Lindner, Simone & Unzner, Christa

Item #: 9780698400719
Price: $9.99
Aelin, The Water-fairy (ages 4+up) (h)
Author: Lindner, Simone & Unzner, Christa

Item #: 9780698400702
Price: $9.99
Portrait Of A Priestess: Women & Ritual In Ancient Greece (h)
Author: Connelly, Joan Breton

Item #: 9780691127460
Price: $45.00
Return To Fairyopolis: The Search For The Flower Fairies (ages 9+up) (h)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723259961
Description: Ten years after her first encounter with Fairyopolis, Cicely Mary Barker's young charge, Dulcie, is now a teenager - and her belief in the Flower Fairies is beginning to waver. At least until a journey to the countryside begins to melt her doubt. Inv... 
Price: $19.99
Where Fairies Dance (ages 4-10) (o)
Author: Hague, Michael

Item #: 9780688140090
Price: $16.99
Arabian Nights (the)
Author: Haddawy, Husain

Item #: 9780393331660
Price: $17.95
Flower Fairies Of The Summer (all Ages) (h) (new Edition)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723262824
Price: $6.99
Flower Fairies By The Wayside (all Ages) (h) (new Edition)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723262831
Price: $6.99
Flower Fairies Enchanted Parties (ages 6-8) (h)
Author: Barker, Cicely Mary

Item #: 9780723262893
Description: Host a perfect party with a little help from your fairy friends! Both beautiful and well-organized, this cased, cloth-bound party guide contains everything a girl needs to create a wonderful fairy get-together. It's divided into six tabbed sections w... 
Price: $12.99

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