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Cosmology and Teleology

Cosmology and Teleology
Egypt - "Image Of Heaven"--The Planisphere & The Lost Cradle
Author: Zitman, Willem

Item #: 9781931882545
Description: Binding Type: Quality312 Pages 
Price: $19.95
Book Of The Cube - Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol.7
Author: Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan); South, Stephanie

Item #: 9780978592493
Description: Binding Type: Quality254 Pages 
Price: $36.00
Book Of The Timespace - Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol.5
Author: Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan); South, Stephanie

Item #: 9780978592424
Description: Binding Type: Quality229 Pages 
Price: $36.00
Let There Be Light - The Mysterious Journey Of Cosmic Creativity
Author: Skolimowski, Henryk

Item #: 9788183281522
Description: Binding Type: Quality252 Pages 
Price: $19.95
Weaving The Cosmos - Science, Religion & Ecology
Author: Clarke, Chris

Item #: 9781846943201
Description: Binding Type: Quality360 Pages 
Price: $24.95
Grand Design
Author: Hawking, Stephen; Mlodinow, Leonard

Item #: 9780553384666
Description: Binding Type: Quality208 Pages 
Price: $18.00
Yugas (The) - Keys To Understanding Man's Hidden Past, Emerging Present & Future Enlightenment
Author: Selbie, Joseph; Steinmetz, David

Item #: 9781565892538
Description: Binding Type: Quality358 Pages 
Price: $16.95
Before The Big Bang
Author: Clegg, Brian

Item #: 9780312680282
Description: Binding Type: Quality320 Pages 
Price: $14.99
Heavens And Hells Of The Mind, Vol.1: Knowledge
Author: Vallyon, Imre

Item #: 9780909038311
Price: $29.95
God Theory (the): Universes, Zero-point Fields & What's Behind It All (h)
Author: Haisch, Bernard

Item #: 9781578633746
Description: From the perspective of a multiyear NASA-funded study he led at Lockheed "Martin," Haisch discusses the "popular," but often "misrepresented," topic of zero-point energy. He posits that "light," in the form of a universal electromagnetic zero-point "... 
Price: $21.95
Touched By The Dragon's Breath: Conversations At Colliding Rivers
Author: Harrington, Michael

Item #: 9780974871608
Description: Touched by the Dragon's Breath is based on actual conversations that took place between the author and his mentor, John Redstone, splashed against the backdrop of Colliding Rivers in Southern Oregon. These weekly discussions, spanning m... 
Price: $14.95
Man--a Three-brained Being (o)
Author: Buzzell, Keith A

Item #: 9780976357926
Price: $21.00
Cygnus Mystery (the): Unlocking The Ancient Secret Of Life's Origins In The Cosmos (h)
Author: Collins, Andrew

Item #: 9781842932025
Price: $24.95
Legend Of Altazar: A Fragment Of The True History Of The Planet Earth
Author: Solara

Item #: 9781878246028
Price: $12.95
Mystery Of The Universe: The Human Being, Model Of Creation
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855840690
Price: $19.95
Harmony Of The Creative Word: The Human Being & Elemental, Animal, Plant & Mineral Kingdoms
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855840980
Price: $22.00
Genesis: Secrets Of Creation
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9781855841024
Price: $18.95
Did My Genes Make Me Do It? And Other Philosophical Dilemmas
Author: Stroll, Avrum

Item #: 9781851684489
Price: $14.95
Reconciliation: A Study Restoring Man's Faith In Himself & His Place In The Scheme Of Things
Author: Kannenberg, Ida

Item #: 9781930724105
Price: $18.00
Spiritual Hierarchies And The Physical World: Zodiac, Planets & Cosmos
Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Item #: 9780880106016
Price: $25.00
Think Of An Elephant: A New Way Of Seeing & Being In The World
Author: Bailey, Paul

Item #: 9781905857289
Price: $14.95
Edgar Cayce And The Cosmos
Author: Mullaney, James

Item #: 9780876045664
Description: A timely and long-overdue work that in one convenient volume collects and analyzes the Edgar Cayce readings related to the cosmos, both in the light of modern astronomical and cosmological knowledge and the most recent discoveries in these fascinatin... 
Price: $14.95
Science And The Search For God
Author: Kowalski, Gary

Item #: 9781590560457
Description: Binding Type: Quality 
Price: $15.00
Integral Spirituality - A Startling New Role For Religion In The Modern & Postmodern World - Quality Trade Paperback -
Author: Wilber, Ken

Item #: 9781590305270
Description: How can we validate the existence of spiritual realities - specifically, the mystical experiences claimed by the world's wisdom traditions - in the face of modern and postmodern attacks that deny those realities as unscientific or reduce them to soci... 
Price: $19.95
Power Of Limits - Proportional Harmonies In Nature, Art & Architecture - Oversized (large paperback) -
Author: Doczi, Gyorgy

Item #: 9781590302590
Description: This lavishly illustrated book reveals the remarkable similarities between the designs of nature and humans' creativity in art and society. The award-winning architect Gy?rgy Doczi translates the language of patterns and shows how we, as humans, are ... 
Price: $29.95
Cosmic Puzzle: A Theory Of Everything
Author: Trevithick, Grant

Item #: 9781589370944
Description: A fascinating and earth shaking exploration into the nature of the everyday world in which we live. Grant Trevithick answers many of the before "unanswerable questions," in a scintillating description of a new perspective on our universe. This books... 
Price: $17.95
2012 - The Return Of Quetzalcoatl - Quality Trade Paperback -
Author: Pinchbeck, Daniel

Item #: 9781585425921
Description: Humanity seems precariously balanced between greater self-potential and environmental disaster. This literary and metaphysical epic brings together the cosmological phenomena of our time to support the contention of the Mayan calendar that the year 2... 
Price: $15.95
Enuma Elish, Vol.2: The Seven Tablets Of Creation
Author: King, L W

Item #: 9781585090426
Description: Book Description Subtitled: The Babylonian and Assyrian Legends Concerning the Creation of the World and of Mankind. The E... 
Price: $19.95
Popol Vuh - The Mythic & Heroic Sagas Of The Riches Of Central America
Author: Spence, Lewis

Item #: 9781585092369
Description: Binding Type: Quality 
Price: $12.95
View From The Center Of The Universe: Discover Our Extraordinary Place In The Cosmos (h)
Author: Primack, Joel R

Item #: 9781594489143
Description: For 400 years, since early scientists discovered that the universe did not revolve around the Earth, people have felt cut off - adrift in a meaningless cosmos. That is about to change. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Primack, a leading cosmologist, ... 
Price: $26.95

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