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Chaos Magick

Money Magic - Mastering Prosperity in its True Element
Author: Frater U.:D.:

Item #: 9780738721279
Description: One of the world's best-known ceremonial magicians, contemporary occult author Frater U:.D:., presents the definitive book of money magic.Previously unavailable in English, this advanced guide will be welcomed by ceremonial magicians, hermeti... 
Price: $16.95
Brain Magick - Exercises in Meta-Magick and Invocation
Author: Farber, Philip H.

Item #: 9780738729268
Description: Pre-Order Now! Expected October 2011"All real magick requires both dedication and skill, here Phil Farber delivers both. This is a guide to tapping into the living magistery of the universe." - Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP... 
Price: $15.95
Left Hand Path
Author: Kotkavouri, Tapio

Item #: 9789525261158
Description: This book aims to achieve two goals. The first of them, the exoteric goal, is directed to persons who are not on the left hand path themselves but who rationally want to consider what the path is all about.These persons may be parents, teache... 
Out of Stock
Mysteries of the Temple of Set (Inner Teachings of the Left Hand Path)
Author: Web, Don

Item #: 9781885972279
Description: For several years the High Priest of the Temple of Set, unveils some of his own personal inner teachings originally shared with Initiates of the Temple.From the contents of this book all persons who are serious about their own initiatory self... 
Out of Stock
Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path
Author: Web, Don

Item #: 9781885972101
Description: This Essential Guide opens the door to the darkly resplendent worlds of the Left Hand Path.Part philosophical treatise, part ontological stand-up comedy, and part magical practicum, this book makes clear what many other books have only hinted... 
Out of Stock
Seven Faces of Darkness - Practical Typhonian Magic
Author: Web, Don

Item #: 9781885972071
Description: Here is a book which penetrates to the core of the Typhonian current active in the world today -- and does so by returning to the very fountainheads of Setian practice and philosophy.Never before has anyone made the true Typhonian current mor... 
Out of Stock
Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Other Devices
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S

Item #: 9781935150220
Description: Warning: Some People Hate This Book!Who hates Undoing? Stuffed-shirt academicians, do-nothing pushers of cosmic foo-foo, and would-be slave-owners everywhere.On the other hand, if you are interested in actually accomplishing something... 
Price: $24.95
Pacts with the Devil - A Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy and Liberation (Paperback)
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S

Item #: 9781935150268
Description: For the first time, a genuine manual of the dreaded "left-hand path." Braving the new Witchcraft Panic that has swept the world, S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt have written a book that places the Western magical tradition --- and the Western... 
Price: $18.95
Cosmic Meditation
Author: Bertiaux, Michael.

Item #: 9780953101696
Description: OUT OF PRINT, OUT OF STOCK. An introduction to a way of thinking, Cosmic Meditation explores the universe from the standpoint of the spiritist philosophy. 
Out of Stock
Understanding Chaos Magic
Author: Hawkins, Jaq D.

Item #: 9781898307938
Description: "Understanding Chaos Magic " is an introductory book. It is written for a widespread audience, ranging from the merely curious to the serious student of magic who wishes to learn about this area. The book is designed to be as appropriate to the she... 
Price: $19.95
Conjunctio - A Graphic Grimmoire
Author: Defenestrate-Bascule, Orryelle

Item #: 9780955813016
Description: OUT OF PRINT, OUT OF STOCK. Conjunctio presents mirrored pairs of Sacred Twins and Divine Lovers from various cultural pantheons coupled on facing pages. They are aligned in such a way that when the pages are turned the figures are United in h... 
Out of Stock
An Interview with Antero Alli (DVD)
Author: Alli, Antero and Finley, Klint

Item #: 9781935150060
Description: Antero Alli and Klint Finley discuss Antero's "paratheatre" projects, his relationships with Christopher Hyatt and Robert Anton Wilson, and much more.This DVD is recorded in NTSC format (Region Free) and is compatible with all NTSC DVD player... 
Price: $14.95
Why Is Dr. Hyatt? (DVD)
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S.

Item #: 9781935150206
Description: One day, Christopher Hyatt and his friend Rick were enjoying the day and "tossing back a few," as Rick would say.So, naturally, they broke out the video camera to conduct an "interview." The result is this fun-filled, straight-from-the-should... 
Price: $19.95
The Psychopath's Bible - For the Extreme Individual (Paperback)
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S.

Item #: 9781935150329
Description: In the most of the world, psychopaths have gotten a bad rap. That, of course, is quite understandable since almost all of the world's religious and social philosophies have little use for the individual except as a tool to be placed in service to the... 
Price: $18.95
Dogma Daze
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S.

Item #: 9781935150961
Description: First published in 1982, Dogma Daze is the book that inspired Dr. Hyatt to write his extraordinary Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation. Somehow Dogma Daze was "lost," but we recently found a copy and have produced a very limited edition. Here ... 
Price: $11.11
The You Meditation (DVD)
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S.

Item #: 9781935150992
Description: What Dr. Hyatt called "The You Meditation" or "The You Mantram" or "Maha" or "Sensing and Feeling" is perhaps the most important practice in many yogas (where it is called Mahasatipatthana). By any name, it is deceptively simple, yet immensely Powerf... 
Price: $24.95
Hands-On Chaos Magic - Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current (Paperback)
Author: Vitimus, Andrieh

Item #: 9780738715087
Description: This irreverent guide presents a revolutionary course in chaos magic for the average person, emphasizing experimentation to find out what works best for you. Vitimus banishes the usual esoteric tone with an accessible and practical approach that make... 
Price: $27.95
Magical Use of Thought Forms - A Proven System of Mental & Spiritual Empowerment (Paperback)
Author: Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores

Item #: 9781567180848
Description: In this comprehensive reference manual, two leading occult researchers present step-by-step instructions, some never before in print, for developing the most basic and essential skills for magical practitioners of any traditioncreating thought forms ... 
Price: $18.95
Urban Primitive - Paganism in the Concrete Jungle (Paperback)
Author: Kaldera, Raven

Item #: 9780738702599
Description: You consider yourself a Pagan, or a Magician, or a Witch, because you know there's more to this world than meets the mundane eye. You believe that magic can influence events in your own life and in the world around you. But you don't live on some pas... 
Price: $14.95
Starfire Journal - A Journal of the New Aeon Volume II - Number 3

Item #: 9781906073022
Description: Limited to 750 copies. In a large format (290 x 210 mm), this issue is 192 pages long, printed on 115gsm matt coated paper, with sewn binding. The cover is substantial card, full-colour front and back.This is the first new issue of Sta... 
Price: $39.95
Thorn in the Flesh. A Grim-memoire (Hardcover)
Author: Norton, Rosaleen

Item #: 9780933429161
Description: Rosaleen Norton was a natural rebel whose bohemian lifestyle, outspoken occultism, and unusual and often sexually-charged artwork attracted widespread condemnation from the conservative establishment.She suffered frequent arrest, her art exhi... 
Price: $50.00
Black Book Omega
Author: Hyatt, Christopher

Item #: 9781935150756
Description: What are The Black Books? They are a series of booklets from Dr. Christopher Hyatt and the Extreme Individual Institute.Little more can be said lest we give away their intention and reduce their impact.Black Book Omega includes:... 
Price: $9.95
To Lie Is Human - Not Getting Caught Is Divine
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S

Item #: 9781935150336
Description: The lies you've been told---and the lies you tell yourself---keep you neatly and blindly confined in a prison that society doesn't want you even to see.In his inimitable style, Dr. Hyatt takes you on a walking tour of your cell, and then give... 
Price: $16.95
VS. - Duality and Conflict in Magick, Mythology and Paganism
Author: Huggens, Kim (Editor)

Item #: 9781905297368
Description: Vs. is a unique collection of twenty-one essays exploring the dynamic and wide-ranging nature of duality in magic, paganism and folklore, from polarity to paradox to opposition to friction to union.The essays by magicians, witches, fol... 
Price: $24.99
An Age For Lucifer: Predatory Spirituality And The Quest For Godhood
Author: Tucker, Robert C.

Item #: 9781558184084
Description: This work explores a fascinating and dark thesis: there is a birth of a new human type gathering momentum and its goal is the ultimate in human potential, godhood. 
Out of Stock
Dearest Vera by Austin Osman Spare
Author: Grant, Kenneth & Steffi.

Item #: DearestVera
Description: A Kaleidoscope of Facsimile Holograph Letters to his friend, the Poet and Painter Vera WainwrightAsssembled by Kenneth and Steffi GrantIn his later creative life, Spare was sought out by artists and writers eager to recei... 
Price: $69.95
Low Magick - It's All in Your Head ... You Just Have No Idea How Big Your Head Is
Author: DuQuette, Lon Milo

Item #: 9780738719245
Description: Take a fascinating journey into the life of one of the most respected, sought-after, and notorious magicians alive today: Lon Milo DuQuette.As entertaining as they are informative, the outrageous true stories in this one-of-a-kind memoir cont... 
Price: $16.95
Voudon Gnosis
Author: Beth, David

Item #: voudongnosis
Description: OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF PRINT. We are delighted to announce this new and substantially revised edition of David Beth's acclaimed first book, Voudon Gnosis.Now expanded to over 170 pages and fully illustrated, with an introduction by Mich... 
Out of Stock
Author: Defenestrate-Bascule, Orryelle

Item #: Coagula
Description: DUE FEB 2011. Following the critical and commercial success of Conjunctio in 2008, we are delighted to announce the second volume of Orryelle Defenstrate-Bascule's extraordinary Tela Quadrivium series.Lavishly illustrate... 
Out of Stock
Rebels And Devils - The Psychology Of Liberation
Author: Hyatt, Christopher S

Item #: 9781935150343
Description: "When he put the gun to my head at 16, I left home..."So begins Christopher Hyatt's "Prologue" to this remarkable book.Rebels & Devils brings together some of the most talented, controversial and rebellious people of our time. ... 
Price: $24.95

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