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Capall Bann Publishing

A Roger Bacon Reader
Author: Charles, Dr. Michael.

Item #: 9781558184817
Description: A compilation of works by and about this father of Medieval Alchemy with additional annotations and corrections by Michael Charles. new PAPER  
Price: $10.95
The Mirror Of Light
Author: Collin, Rodney.

Item #: 9781558184886
Description: New revised edition with photographs of Ouspensky, Collin and other people important to the Work at Lyne Place and in Mexico.  
Price: $24.95
Sacred Geometry: Symbolism And Purpose In Religious Structures
Author: Pennick, Nigel.

Item #: 9781898307150
Description: Geometry underlies the structure of all things - from galaxies to molecules. Each time a geometrical form is created, an expression of this universal oneness is made, and from the dawn of time religious structures have expressed this unity in their e... 
Price: $19.95
The Oracle Of Geomancy
Author: Pennick, Nigel.

Item #: 9781898307167
Description: Commences with a short history and description of this divinatory system and its origins. Also discussed is the linking of divinatory geomancy with astrology and earth mysteries, the Madagascar Vintana traditions, the West African Ifa and medieval Eu... 
Price: $22.95
The Lore Of The Sacred Horse
Author: Davies, Marion.

Item #: 9781898307174
Description: Man's debt to the horse is immeasurable. For thousands of years before recorded history, man pushed forward his civilizations on the back of a horse.  
Price: $22.95
The Witches Of Oz
Author: Philips, Matthew & Julia.

Item #: 9781898307181
Description: A highly practical guide to Wicca based on a blend of Gardnerian and Alexandrian ritual.  
Price: $19.95
The Magical Lore Of Herbs
Author: Davies, Marion.

Item #: 9781898307143
Description: "Not merely a herbal, but a treatise on magical properties, medicinal use, folklore and really useful information " PredictionThere are plenty of herbals around, but none like this, concentrating on the magical properties, folklore, history ... 
Price: $22.95
The Inner Space Workbook: Developing Counselling And Magickal Skills Through The Tarot
Author: Summers, Cat & Vayne, Julian.

Item #: 9781898307136
Description: A detailed, practical book on psychic and personal development available using the tarot, pathworkings & meditations. 
Price: $22.95
The Enchanted Forest: The Magical Lore Of Trees
Author: Aburrow, Yvonne.

Item #: 9781898307082
Description: A comprehensive guide to the magical, medicinal & craft uses, mythology, folklore, symbolism & weather lore of trees.  
Price: $24.95
The Call Of The Horned Piper
Author: Jackson, Nigel Aldcroft.

Item #: 9781898307099
Description: Covers the symbolism, archetypes and myths of the Traditional Craft, or Old Religion, in the British Isles and Europe. Starting with an exploration of the inner symbology of the old Witchcraft religion, this is followed by a practical treatment o... 
Price: $19.95
The Pickingill Papers: The Origin Of Gardnerian Witchcraft
Author: Liddell, W.E.

Item #: 9781898307105
Description: George Pickingill (1816 - 1909) was said to be the leader of the witches in Canewdon, Essex. This book discusses the origin of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows and Pickingill's involvement in it, the relationship between the Hereditary Craft, Gardneria... 
Price: $22.95
The Hieroglyphical Figures Of Nicholas Flamel
Author: Flamel, Nicholas.

Item #: 9781558184527
Description: A new translation of this rare alchemical classic by Patrick Smith from the original French. Alchemical Studies series 23. With illustrations. Beautifully finished with custom papers, hand bound and hand made. new PAPER  
Price: $10.95

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