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Capall Bann Publishing

Celtic Saints And Glastonbury Zodiac
Author: Caine, Mary.

Item #: 9781861630223
Description: Mary Caine, intrigued by the fantastic tales in the lives of some of the Celtic saints of Britain which make one gasp and stretch one's eyes, felt that they could hardly be the result of unbridled Celtic imagination alone, and demanded another explan... 
Price: $21.95
Understanding Second Sight
Author: Gater, Dilys.

Item #: 9781861632227
Description: Most people come to awareness of their gifts on their own. They have no idea of where to turn for advice or guidance not only to progress further but simply to be able to confirm that their experiences are real and valid. They do not want to tell oth... 
Price: $17.95
The Complete Dictionary Of European Gods And Goddesses
Author: Farrar, Janet & Stewart and Bone, Gavin.

Item #: 9781861631220
Description: This dictionary is devoted to increasing understanding and respect between the many religions of today's world, as well as the many ancient religions from which they grew. It includes legendary heroes and heroines who have come to represent archetypa... 
Price: $26.95
Dancing With The Juggler: Thirteen Moons With The Tarot And Natural Magic
Author: Townsend, Carolynn Clare.

Item #: 9781861631237
Description: This is a practical, 'how to' book: a year's course, month by season, festivals and days, on using the Tarot and what has become known as 'natural magic' to develop your own intuitive and spiritual energies and change your life.You don't need to be a... 
Price: $19.95
In Search Of Herne The Hunter
Author: Fitch, Eric.

Item #: 9781898307235
Description: Commences with an introduction to Herne's story, the oak on which Herne hanged himself and its significance in history and mythology. Goes on to investigate antlers and their symbology in prehistoric religions, with a study of the horned god Ce... 
Price: $21.95
Celtic Sacrifice: Pre-Christian Ritual And Religion
Author: Pearce, Marion K.

Item #: 9781861630230
Description: Welcome to the world of the Celts, a world of magic, shapechanging, sorcery and divination, of heroism, strange rites and rituals. A world where legend mixed with fact, where the physical world and Otherworld blended together. By combining sources fr... 
Price: $21.95
The Zodiac Experience: Initiation Through The Twelve Signs
Author: Crowther, Patricia.

Item #: 9781861631282
Description: In The Zodiac Experience, Patricia Crowther presents a unique method of self initiation directly linked with the Sun's position in the zodiac. An imaginative, refreshing concept. - Scott Cunningham. "Patricia Crowther's book provides a wonderful att... 
Price: $23.95
A Handbook For Pagan Healers
Author: Joan, Liz.

Item #: 9781861630285
Description: At last, a book written by a professional healer and witch especially for the Pagan community. This book gives explicit details of how to channel healing energy safely and effectively using tried and tested methods. The author's highly practical, han... 
Price: $17.95
The Book Of Seidr: The Native English And Northern European Shamanic Tradition
Author: Runic John.

Item #: 9781861632296
Description: Seidr is the ancient Northern European shamanism. The main practice of Seidr, as with all shamanic traditions, is the use of various extremely ancient techniques to affect the mind and alter our consciousness to a state in which we can perceive and w... 
Price: $31.95
The Magical History Of The Horse
Author: Farrar, Janet & Russell, Virginia.

Item #: 9781861630339
Description: This book traces the magical history of the horse throughout the centuries and explores its connection with paganism, mythology, Biblical and Christian lore, folklore and fairytale, healing and superstition. Loved, feared or venerated, the horse has ... 
Price: $21.95
The Sacred Ring: The Pagan Origins Of British Folk Festivals And Customs
Author: Howard, Michael.

Item #: 9781898307341
Description: "well informed and recommended " Celtic Connections "enjoyable and interesting...excellent sourcebook, informative, easy to read " Dragon's BrewThe old festivals and folk customs which are still celebrated all over the British Isle... 
Price: $21.95
Healing Stones
Author: Phillips, Sue.

Item #: 9781861630346
Description: There is an increasing interest in crystals from collectors, magicians and healers, with correspondingly increased pressure on our Earth's precious resources. Healing Stones sets out a method that works on the same principles as crystal healing, but ... 
Price: $19.95
Earth Dance: A Year Of Pagan Rituals
Author: Brodie, Jan.

Item #: 9781898307358
Description: "excellent...I have heard nothing but unsolicited praise. " Pagan DawnUnlike many other books based on the yearly cycle of modern Wicca, Jan has based her rituals on British deities and British customs. Many modern pagans work and worship al... 
Price: $19.95
Crossing The Borderlines: Guising, Masking, And Ritual Animal Disguises In The European Tradition
Author: Pennick, Nigel.

Item #: 9781861630353
Description: Events with personation or guising, which involves the suppression or transformation of individuality, are at the heart of European traditional performance. 
Price: $24.95
Robin Hood: On The Outlaw Trail Again
Author: Rutherford-Moore, Richard.

Item #: 9781861632357
Description: In the final book of his Robin Hood trilogy, the author takes the reader back 'on the outlaw trail' from Sherwood Forest to the North of England, visiting many popular sites and several less well-known spots associated with Robin Hood, explaining the... 
Price: $21.95
The Magic And Mystery Of Holy Wells
Author: Whelan, Edna.

Item #: 9781861631350
Description: Drawing on her own extensive field work, augmented and enhanced with research into ancient history, geology, archaeology and natural history, Edna Whelan shares with us the magic, mystery and sanctity surrounding Holy Wells. There is a certain atmosp... 
Price: $17.95
Teachings Of The Wise Women
Author: Ryall, Rhiannon

Item #: 9781861630360
Description: The information in this new book stems from Rhiannon's teachers and guides: four wisewomen who have instructed and guided her in the Craft over many years. Two of the mentors are earthly advisors, two are not, though all are working along similar lin... 
Price: $19.95
Lid Off The Cauldron: A Wicca Handbook
Author: Crowther, Patricia.

Item #: 9781861630322
Description: Lifting the lid, this book reveals the truth about witchcraft, its history and symbols, and the theory and methods behind magic and self-initiation. It includes spells, chants, prayers, divination methods, planetary rituals and more. It also delves d... 
Price: $22.95
Cat's Company: A Book Of Cats; Being About History, Healing, Communication And Stories
Author: Walker, Ann.

Item #: 9781898307327
Description: Ann explores the role of the cat through history, from being worshipped in Ancient Egypt to being cruelly treated and hated in Medieval Europe.  
Price: $21.95
Walking With Spirit: A Guide For The Natural Psychic
Author: Palin, Poppy.

Item #: 9781861631299
Description: In this easy-to-follow and inspirational book, Poppy Palin discusses the attributes and talents of those who are born with 'The Sight' - the ability to see beyond the material work into the subtle realms of spirit. new PAPER  
Price: $21.95
The Pillars Of Tubal Cain
Author: Jackson, Nigel and Howard, Michael.

Item #: 9781861630292
Description: Angelic wisdom forms the teachings of true magick. The celestial intelligences that guided our civilization's development are still at work today, ready to guide those who recognize them. Here is a new and unique view of Western magick, its origins a... 
Price: $31.95
Personal Power: Sacred Energies Of Mind, Body And Spirit
Author: Franklin, Anna.

Item #: 9781861630308
Description: "If you need to find a direction for your life, read this book! " Silver WheelPersonal Power is a course in personal and spiritual growth which was developed over twelve years in the Hearth of Arianrhod's Foundation Circle. Each chapter take... 
Price: $19.95
Atlantis: The Dark Continent
Author: Williamson, Paul & Braithwaite, Linda.

Item #: 9781861631305
Description: Past-life therapist Paul Williamson has investigated people's memories of life in Atlantis using regression. Based on the shared soul memory of four people, as well as careful research, this book compiles a fascinating history of Atlantis from the ti... 
Price: $24.95
Crystal Clear: A Guide To Quartz Crystal
Author: Dent, Jennifer .

Item #: 9781898307303
Description: A basic and concise guide to quartz crystal - solving the many confusions and contradictions that exist about this fascinating topic, without being too esoteric or straying too far from the point. Crystals, particularly clear quartz crystals, evoke a... 
Price: $17.95
Cottage Witchcraft
Author: McDonald, Jan.

Item #: 9781861632326
Description: This book is in direct response to many requests over the past few years for a book that cuts away all the excess fat from the bones of witchcraft. A simple approach to the Old Goddesses and Gods and making magic from everyday objects and what is ava... 
Price: $26.95
Crowning Disasters
Author: Abbott, Yeoman Warder Geoffrey.

Item #: 9781861631329
Description: As a member of the Queen¹s Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard Extraordinary (Beefeater) Geoffrey Abbott is well qualified to write books on strange happenings at regal events.  
Price: $21.95
Author: Ashe, Martine.

Item #: 9781898307761
Description: A practical guide to shamanism, written for the modern psyche.  
Price: $19.95
The Way Of The Magus
Author: Howard, Michael.

Item #: 9781898307822
Description: This practical guide to magic as it is known today outlines the principles and uses of magical energy, and describes the ritual accessories needed for practicing the magical arts. Five different types of magic are described: natural, moon, astral, el... 
Price: $21.95
Lost Cities And Sunken Lands
Author: Pennick, Nigel.

Item #: 9781898307839
Description: The roll call of these lost lands and sunken cities, and the fate of once-thriving coastal towns such as Dunwich and settlements such as Caer Arianrhod and the lost Lowland Hundred of Cantref y Gwaelod, challenge us to reconsider whether the lost lan... 
Price: $22.95
Vortex: The End Of History
Author: Russell, Mary.

Item #: 9781861630834
Description: Some of the souls who have given of their knowledge and observations from the world unseen were household names in one or more of their past sojourns. Their collective aim is to inform us as much as possible of what is real and what is not, distingui... 
Price: $23.95

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