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Biographies Miscellaneous

Biographies Miscellaneous
Drunkard: A Hard-drinking Life (h)
Author: Steinberg, Neil

Item #: 9780525950653
Price: $24.95
How To Live With God: In The Company Of Ramakrishna (h)
Author: Chetanananda

Item #: 9780916356859
Description: Ramakrishna (1836-1886) was one of the most influential spiritual masters of modern India. He entered the highest mystical states as easily as other men step through a door, and described his extraordinary experiences with an innocent eloquence that ... 
Price: $29.95
Bittersweet (with 12 Pages Of Color Photos)
Author: Rain, Mary Summer

Item #: 9781571740328
Description: Synopsis This book of stories based on real events in Mary Summer Rain's life, like Soul Sounds, the nonfiction b... 
Price: $12.95
Michael Landon's Legacy: 7 Keys To Supercharging Your Life (h)
Author: Landon, Cheryl

Item #: 9781571742858
Description: Cheryl Landon has faced her share of troubles. Before her mother married actor Michael Landon, she suffered a childhood of abuse and loneliness. A near-fatal car wreck at age 19 left her scarred and suicidal. Both Landon's very public divorce from he... 
Price: $22.95
Good Morning Midnight: Life & Death In The Wild (h)
Author: Brown, Chip

Item #: 9781573222365
Price: $24.95
State Of Mind: My Story (h)
Author: Ramtha (J Z Knight)

Item #: 9781578730025
Description: JZ Knight's intimate and very special story of her life. It is a life she was chosen for but a life with every conceivable hardship and obstacle imposed on it. Throughout her life JZ Knight has fought disease, prejudice, and loneliness and has trium... 
Price: $24.95
Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived (h)
Author: Shames, Laurence & Barton, P

Item #: 9781579546885
Price: $22.95
Stuff Of Life: A Daughter's Memoir (h)
Author: Karbo, Karen

Item #: 9781582341835
Price: $24.95
Seducing The Demon: Writing For My Life (h)
Author: Jong, Erica

Item #: 9781585424443
Price: $22.95
Floor Sample: A Creative Memoir (h)
Author: Cameron, Julia

Item #: 9781585424948
Description: The author of the international best-seller The Artist's Way and 21 other classic books on creativity weaves an honest and moving portrayal of her life. From her early career as a writer for Rolling Stone and her marriage to Martin Scorsese to her to... 
Price: $14.95
Sanity And Grace: A Journal Of Suicide, Survival & Strength (h)
Author: Collins, Judy

Item #: 9781585422609
Description: In this long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller The Artists Way, Cameron presents the next step in her course of discovering and recovering the creative self. She shows readers how to inhabit the world with a sense of wonder, the childlik... 
Price: $22.95
Nothing Left Over: A Plain & Simple Life
Author: Lippe, Toinette

Item #: 9781585423057
Description: This book on "interior housekeeping" offers rare insights from one of the finest spiritual editors of her generation, the founder of Bell Tower Books. With subtle wit, evocative language, and clear-eyed wisdom gleaned from her own experience, Lippe i... 
Price: $12.95
Voice At The Borders Of Silence: A Life In Search Of The Self Through...gurdjieff...zen (h)
Author: Segal, William

Item #: 9781585674428
Description: William Segal (1904-2000) lived his life at the forefront of intersecting avant-garde movements. He left a legacy of insight, compassion, and intelligence - as a publisher, as an artist, and as a seeker. He was a disciple and interpreter of some of t... 
Price: $29.95
First And Final Nightmare Of Sonia Reich: A Son's Memoir (h)
Author: Reich, Howard

Item #: 9781586483623
Price: $25.00
Man Of Light: The Extraordinary Healing Life Of Mauricio Panisset
Author: Curcio, Kimberly Panisset

Item #: 9781590790137
Price: $14.95
Mind With Wings: The Story Of Henry David Thoreau (h)
Author: Hausman, Gerald & Hausman, Loretta

Item #: 9781590302286
Description: Thoreau is credited with inspiring a uniquely American literary "style," the naturalist "movement," and the social activism of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. This book will help young people access Thoreau's influential ideas by bringing them insi... 
Price: $15.95
Lois Wilson Story: When Love Is Not Enough (h)
Author: Borchert, William G

Item #: 9781592853281
Price: $24.95
Love Spell: An Erotic Memoir Of Spiritual Awakening (q)
Author: Curott, Phyllis

Item #: 9781592401659
Description: This wise and erotic memoir is rich with spells, potions, and rituals for love. Ivy League lawyer and Wiccan priestess Phyllis Curott has a supercharged career in law and filmmaking, but one thing is missing: love. She casts a sexy spell, and her dre... 
Price: $15.00
I'm Proud Of You: My Friendship With Fred Rogers (h)
Author: Madigan, Tim

Item #: 9781592402274
Price: $20.00
How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son Of Privilege Learns To Live Like Everyone Else (h)
Author: Gill, Michael Gates

Item #: 9781592402861
Price: $23.00
Clean: A New Generation In Recovery Speaks Out
Author: Beckman, Chris

Item #: 9781592851829
Price: $12.95
Are You Happy? A Childhood Remembered (h)
Author: Gordon, Emily Fox

Item #: 9781594489044
Price: $23.95
I Was A Child Of Holocaust Survivors (h)
Author: Eisenstein, Bernice

Item #: 9781594489181
Price: $23.95
Still Life With Chickens: Starting Over In A House By The Sea--a Memoir (h)
Author: Goldhammer, Catherine

Item #: 9781594630255
Price: $21.95
Passion For Action: Nine Important Steps Along My Spiritual Journey (h)
Author: Harvey, Andrew

Item #: 9781594730078
Price: $21.95
Soul Sounds: Mourning The Tears Of Truth
Author: Rain, Mary Summer

Item #: 9781878901330
Price: $12.95
Who Am I Really? Vol.1: From The Formless To The Form
Author: Watson, Irene M

Item #: 9788186822685
Price: $10.75
Hell I Can't (the) (h)
Author: McBride, Terry

Item #: 9780974585000
Description: Terry McBride boldly challenges the lie of human limitations. Diagnosed with an incurable disease, he said, "No, I wil not believe in pain and suffering as the great teacher. " His inspiring journey to wholeness is a magnificent testimonial. It is a... 
Price: $23.95
Diary Of Medical Intuitive: One Woman's Eye-opening Journey
Author: Nani, Christel

Item #: 9780974145020
Description: A die-hard skeptic offers a personal look at the development of her medical intuition while serving as a trauma nurse. Nani explains the relationship between your energy system and your disease such as secrets and breast cancer, and gives specific st... 
Price: $13.95
Darkness Shining Wild: An Odyssey To The Heart Of Hell & Beyond--meditations On Sanity...
Author: Masters, Robert

Item #: 9780973752601
Price: $19.95

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