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Biographies Miscellaneous

Biographies Miscellaneous
Gift Of The White Light: The Strange & Wonderful Story Of Annette Martin, Psychic (h)
Author: Frey, James

Item #: 9781884956799
Price: $25.00
Warrior Of Peace: The Life Of The Buddha
Author: Jinananda

Item #: 9781899579327
Price: $12.95
Holy Madness: Spirituality, Crazy-wise Teachers & Enlightenment
Author: Feuerstein, Georg

Item #: 9781890772543
Price: $29.95
Racing For Recovery: From Addict To Ironman
Author: Crandell, Todd & Hanc, John

Item #: 9781891369612
Price: $14.00
Ordinary Aphrodite
Author: Schroeder, Anne

Item #: 9781891954887
Price: $14.95
To Cause A Death: The Aftermath Of An Accidental Killing
Author: Connor, Kelly

Item #: 9781902636559
Price: $21.00
There Is No Road: Proverbs By Antonio Machado--companions For The Journey 2
Author: Machado, Antonio & Berg, Mary G & Maloney, Dennis & Moore, Thomas

Item #: 9781893996663
Price: $14.00
Babaji And The Eighteen Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition
Author: Govindan, Marshall

Item #: 9781895383003
Price: $19.95
Leap (the): Are You Ready To Live A New Reality?
Author: Kellough, Constance

Item #: 9781897238271
Price: $15.95
War, Wine And Valour:...fighting The Nazis & Celebrating The...peace... (h)
Author: Baker, Douglas M

Item #: 9781901754001
Description: This is the TRUE account of a bunch of "kids," almost all of them straight out of high "school," caught up in the wave of English patriotism that responded to Adolf Hitler. It's as factual as the ongoing war diaries of the "author," which thread the ... 
Price: $50.00
Bright Star, Luminous Cloud: Life Of A Simple Monk
Author: Fu Zhiying

Item #: 9781932293296
Description: This is the life story of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, who has dedicated his life to the modernization and globalization of Buddhism through the building of temples, educational institutions, libraries, art galleries and museums throughout the world. ... 
Price: $15.00
Supreme Self
Author: Abhayananda, S

Item #: 9781905047451
Price: $19.95
If You Fall: It's A New Beginning
Author: Butler, Alan & Ritchie, John

Item #: 9781905047888
Price: $19.95
Timeless In Time: The Autobiographical Writings Of Sri Ramana Maharshi (o)
Author: Natarajan, A R & Deutsch, Eliot

Item #: 9781933316154
Price: $21.95
Muhammad: The Messenger Of Islam--his Life & Prophecy
Author: Adil, Hajjah Amina

Item #: 9781930409118
Description: Since the 7th Century, the sacred biography of Islam's Prophet Muhammad has shaped the perception of the religion and its place in world history. English biograqphies of Prophet Muhammad--founder of the faith that currently claims 1.5 billion followe... 
Price: $40.00
High Country: The Solo Seeker's Guide To A Real Life
Author: Alderman, David

Item #: 9781930722002
Description: Seeking the answer to the question, What does it mean to live a real life?, Alderman takes his readers on an imaginary hike into mountain country. Along the way he poses this question to the sages of past and present, from Lao Tzu to Carl Jung. What ... 
Price: $16.95
Pathways To Joy: Master Vivekananda On The Yoga Paths To God
Author: DeLuca, Dave

Item #: 9781930722675
Price: $18.95
Release The Sun
Author: Sears, William

Item #: 9781931847094
Description: This is the marvelous story of the Bab, the Prophet-Herald of the Baha'i Faith. Drawing on contemporary accounts, William Sears vividly describes one of the most significant but little known periods in religious history since the rise of Christianity... 
Price: $14.95
Prophet's Daughter: The Life & Legacy Of Bahiyyih Khanum, Outstanding Hero Of The Baha'i Faith
Author: Khan, Janet A

Item #: 9781931847148
Description: Prophet's Daughter examines the extraordinary life of Bah?yyih Khanum (1846 - 1932), the daughter of Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'i Faith. During the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when women in the Middle East were largely invisib... 
Price: $18.00
Prisoner And The Kings: How One Man Changed The Course Of History
Author: Sears, William

Item #: 9781931847414
Price: $12.00
From A Gnat To An Eagle: The Story Of Nathan Rutstein
Author: Rutstein, Nathan

Item #: 9781931847469
Price: $18.00
Remembering 1969: Searching For The Eternal In Changing Times (h)
Author: Atkinson, Robert

Item #: 9781931847544
Price: $19.00
Otto Rahn And The Quest For The Holy Grail: The Amazing Life Of The Real "indiana Jones"
Author: Graddon, Nigel

Item #: 9781931882828
Price: $18.95
Secrets Of The Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, The Nazi Bell & The Discarded Theory
Author: Farrell, Joseph P

Item #: 9781931882842
Price: $18.95
Prodigal Genius: The Life Of Nikola Tesla
Author: O'Neill, John J

Item #: 9781931882859
Description: As the first full-length biography written about Dr. Tesla after his death in 1943, this book holds a special place in the Tesla canon. Originally published in 1944, it is a penetrating study of the life and mind of the "scientific superman"who dedic... 
Price: $18.95
My Brother's Madness: A Memoir
Author: Pines, Paul

Item #: 9781931896344
Price: $15.95
Buddha And His Teachings
Author: Narada

Item #: 9788179926178
Price: $19.95
Crossing Over
Author: Edward, John

Item #: 9781932128000
Description: In his first nonfiction book since One Last Time, psychic medium John Edward traces the path that led him to his role as host of the acclaimed national TV show Crossing Over with John Edward, appearing daily on the Sci-Fi Channel. Edward shares his t... 
Price: $14.95
Brow Of Dawn: One Woman's Journey With Ms
Author: Edward, Catherine

Item #: 9781933480190
Price: $13.00
Living Beyond Belief: How To Ditch The Life Your Mind Created & Start Living The One Your Soul Intended
Author: Lee, Jaia

Item #: 9781933538594
Description: What if all you ever really wanted to know was who you were and why you were here? What if those questions just about drove you crazy? What if one day you got an answer and were never the same again? This book reveals one woman's experience of just s... 
Price: $12.95

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