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Meditation, Prayer And Affirmations
Author: Cayce, Edgar

Item #: 9780876045008
Description: Binding Type: Quality200 Pages 
Price: $15.95
Within The Power Of The Universal Mind - Oversized (large paperback) -
Author: Sparrow, Rochelle; Kane, Cortney

Item #: 9780764337864
Description: Binding Type: Oversize136 Pages 
Price: $29.99
Constant Craving - What Your Food Cravings Mean & How To Overcome Them (New Edition)
Author: Virtue, Doreen

Item #: 9781401935498
Description: Binding Type: Quality312 Pages 
Price: $14.95
Good Fortune - Hardcover -
Author: Friedman, Adam

Item #: 9781932431773
Description: Binding Type: Hardcover392 Pages 
Price: $14.95
I Love You, Baby: Daily Affirmations For Newborns (illustrated By Nancee Mcclure)
Author: Daniel, Becky

Item #: 9781885412003
Description: Here is a charming, gentle book of a year's daily affirmations for a mother to share with her newborn infant. It is a great gift idea for new mothers, and it's specially bound to lay open on a flat surface so they can keep both hands free. 
Price: $12.95
Positive Thinking: Essential Managers (new Edition)
Author: Quilliam, Susan

Item #: 9780756634186
Price: $7.00
Code (the): Use The Laws Of Manifestation To Achieve Your Highest Good
Author: Burroughs, Tony

Item #: 9781578634293
Description: Tony Burroughs was living in Hawaii when he met a very important mentor who would teach him a series of lessons he calls "The Information."These lessons are practiced in his "intender circles,"and now he makes this information available to anyone wi... 
Price: $14.95
Heal Your Aura--change Your Life!
Author: Jones, Jamie

Item #: 9781886966260
Price: $13.50
Living From The Inside Out: The Law Of Attraction & Affirmative Prayer
Author: Kann, Alice Gravelle

Item #: 9780965452236
Description: Transform your life by making conscious use of the Law of Attraction and Affirmative Prayer. Kann, a licensed practitioner of affirmative healing prayer, has applied the Law of Attraction and Affirmative Prayer to healing her own cancer as well as a... 
Price: $16.95
Seed Thoughts For Loving Yourself: Cultivating The Garden Of Your Mind Day By Day (formerly Affirm Your Self)
Author: Harrill, Suzanne E

Item #: 9781883648169
Description: Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself: Cultivating the Garden of Your Mind Day by Day?By Suzanne E. Harrill? ?This daily affirmation book builds awareness and remind you about your innate worth. It includes the seeds to change self-esteem from an externa... 
Price: $14.95
Women's Wisdom Perpetual Flip Calendar: A Calendar To Use Year After Year
Author: Northrup, Christiane

Item #: 9781401919887
Description: In this perpetual flip calendar that you can use year after year, trusted women's health expert Christiane Northrup, M.D., shares her warm and witty wisdom on creating vibrant health within your mind and body. Dr. Northrup offers inspirational quotes... 
Price: $14.95
Your Heart Knows The Answer: How To Trust Yourself & Make The Choices That Are Right For You
Author: Harris, Gail

Item #: 9781930722460
Price: $13.95
Decretos De Salud
Author: Rozo, Luz

Item #: 9789803690380
Description: It is about affirmations and some relaxing exercises to improve your healthBinding Type: Quality 
Price: $4.90
Words That Heal The Blues: Affirmations & Meditations For Living Optimally With Mood Disorders
Author: Bloch, Douglas

Item #: 9781587611988
Description: Every thought produces a neurochemical reaction that in turn affects the way we feel. With this in mind, counselor Douglas Bloch has developed a daily program of self-care strategies to alleviate mood disorders, based on his best-selling book Words T... 
Price: $12.95
Creating Love
Author: Stevens, Samantha

Item #: 9781894663724
Price: $7.95
Woman's Book Of Confidence - Meditations For Strength & Inspiration
Author: Thoele, Sue

Item #: 9781573248105
Description: Sue Patton Thoele has collected healing words to inspire women to live gently with themselves and others. These brief passages, quotations, and meditations encourage women to trust their innate abilities and intuitive wisdom. To help readers overcome... 
Price: $15.95
Love Lines: Affirmations For The Mind/body/spirit (s)
Author: Strum, Joyce

Item #: 9780962760402
Price: $12.95
Present Moment (the): 365 Daily Affirmations
Author: Hay, Louise

Item #: 9781401911942
Description: Your point of power is always in the present moment; this is where you plant the mental seeds for creating new experiences. Think about how you'd like to live and what you'd like to accomplish. Then use this little book filled with positive affirmati... 
Price: $9.95
Life! Reflections On Your Journey - Quality Trade Paperback -
Author: Hay, Louise

Item #: 9781561703128
Description: Life! is the most moving and inspirational book yet by Louise L. Hay, bestselling author of You Can Heal Your Life (over 3 million sold), Heal Your Body (over 1 million sold), and more. Hay continually reminds us that the magnificent, frightening, de... 
Price: $13.95
Affirmations For Self-Healing (Revised Edition Of Affirmations & Prayers) (3rd Edition)
Author: Walters, J

Item #: 9781565892071
Description: Psychiatrists, medication, and thousands of dollars are employed to help us overcome deeply rooted thoughts, harmful to our well-being. Yet these thoughts persist. Why? They exist in the subconscious, mentally whispering thousands of times each day, ... 
Price: $11.95
Affirmations And Thought Forms: You Can Change Your Mind! (b)
Author: Stein-Luthke, Linda

Item #: 9780965692717
Description: A channeled discourse from the Ascended Master ST. GERMAIN on the use of affirmations and the power of thought forms in the manifestation process. ST. GERMAIN discusses how to create and use affirmations and thought forms productively, e.g., to manif... 
Price: $6.95
Affirmations: Your Passport To Happiness & Much More...
Author: Evers, Annie Marie

Item #: 9780968029237
Description: Affirmations are for everyone! Providing down-to-earth advice and using real life examples and stories of reader's successes, Anne Marie teaches you to manifest your dreams. This book provides a comprehensive, easy to follow method that helps you t... 
Price: $19.95
Women's Book Of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems Into Moments Of Potential
Author: Proctor, Charlene M

Item #: 9780976601210
Price: $16.95
Akashic Field Affirmations: Heal The Past & Create Your Future
Author: Martes, C J

Item #: 9780977229307
Description: The Akashic Field is the source of all your soul's memories. Everything that has ever happened, or ever will is imprinted on this quantum energy field. Past trauma, negative beliefs and unresolved emotional pain affect your daily life in numerous way... 
Price: $14.95
Abundance Tree: A Simple Handbook For Growing Your Dreams
Author: Heyman, Patricia

Item #: 9780965933209
Description: An easy-to-read handbook that helps us to clarify our intentions, eradicate limiting beliefs, expand our vision, take risks and succeed, support ongoing growth, and turn potential failures into success. Patricia Heymon makes the laws of manifestation... 
Price: $11.95
Daily Affirmations For Parents - How To Nurture & Renew Yourself During The Ups & Downs...
Author: Dayton, Tian

Item #: 9781558741515
Description: Binding Type: Quality 
Price: $6.95
Heart Thoughts (Spanish Version - Pensamientos Del Corazon--Un Tesoro De Sabiduria Interior)
Author: Hay, Louise

Item #: 9781561705856
Description: Binding Type: Quality 
Price: $10.95
Love Your Body
Author: Hay, Louise

Item #: 9781561706020
Description: Louise L. Hay brings you 54 affirmation treatments designed to help you create a beautiful, healthy, happy body. If you are challenged by a particular part of your body, use the appropriate affirmations daily until you achieve positive results.... 
Price: $7.00
Garden Of Thoughts: My Affirmation Journal (illus. In Full Color) (hidden Spiral Binding) (h)
Author: Hay, Louise

Item #: 9781561706112
Description: In "A Garden of Thoughts", readers have the opportunity to express inner wisdom, to give the subconscious self the space to expand and explore. 
Price: $16.95
Author: Wilde, Stuart

Item #: 9781561701674
Description: Affirmations by Stuart Wilde, is not just a collection of nice words to say to yourself, but serves as a magnificent battle-plan, where you learn to expand the power you already have in order to win back absolute control of your life. "Using the powe... 
Price: $10.95

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